Interclubs 2021-2022: Round 10

An almost perfect match day this Sunday: 4 wins and one narrow loss! This concludes the stressful month of March with matches on three consecutive Sundays. After the well-deserved Easter break, the season will finish again with matches on two Sundays in a row, on 24 April (Round 11) and 1 May (postponed Round 5).

Europchess 1

The first team remained unbeaten in a match where they were more than 300 rating points on average favourites. Sławomir and Eduardo provided an early 2-0 lead, and Víctor added a draw on Board 1. The other boards saw longer fights with Tom and Carl adding further wins. Frank, Georgi and in the very end also Matija drew their games. With this 6-2 win, Europchess remains on top of the league, still tied with Charleroi and Boitsfort.

Europchess 2

Also the second team was somewhat favourite against Rochade Eupen 3, but couldn’t fulfil expectations. After a quick draw by Pere, Benjamín and Sergio lost their games. John’s win provided some hope, but Mark could not achieve more than a draw while Johannes even had to be content to save such a result from his inaccurate opening play. With 7 points, Europchess 2 is two points clear of the relegation zone and is playing last-placed Marche-en-Famenne in the next round.

Europchess 3

After many disappointing results in the last weeks, the third team finally stopped the trend and reached a clear 3.5-0.5 win. Martin with his fourth win in a row, Luis Parreira and José María scored full points, while Luis Busquets was held to a draw. With this result, Europchess 3 climbs to 8th place, but is still only one point ahead of Rank 11.

Europchess 4

The fourth team apparently did not want to be in the shadow of Team 3 and also won their match 3.5-0.5. Matus was content with a draw on Board 1 after losing a pawn in the opening. Marcello (with his third win in the third game), Robert and Paolo accounted for the three full points. With 12 points, Team 4 is on a respectable 6th place, just three points behind the leaders.

Europchess 5

Also the fifth team reached a win. After a draw by Julien on Board 1, Galin and Jorge won their games with Black after a long fight, to secure the narrow 2.5-1.5 win. With 9 points, Europchess 5 is in the midfield of the division.

Interclubs 2021/2022: Round 4 (postponed)

On Sunday, 20 March 2022, Round 4, originally scheduled for 19 December 2021, was played. Except for the flagship Europchess 1, it was a rather disappointing match day for Europchess.

Europchess 1

Being rated roughly 200 points on average above their opponents, Europchess achieved another good 5.5-2.5 win. Frank, Slawomir, Matija and Mark won their games, and Georgi, Tom and Leonardo added draws. With Boitsfort having a bye this Sunday, and Charleroi playing 4-4 against DT Leven, all three teams are tied in the lead with 11 points now, with Europchess having the highest amount of individual points.

Europchess 1 and CREC Charleroi 1 will play on 1 May, in the (now) last round of the tournament. If both teams and Boitsfort continue tied by that time, this match will be decisive.

Europchess 2

The second team had a toughly-fought match against a Lommel side, that was slightly favourite on most boards. Lommel took the lead on boards 5 and 6, but then all other games entered the fifth hour of play. Benjamin and Pere drew, so the hopes were on Martin and Johannes who both had queen endgames on their board. Martin’s had started with a slightly worse position, but his opponent wanted too much and even lost in the end. Johannes on the other hand had had clearly winning positions on several occasions of his game. In the endgame his exposed king meant that precise play was required to convert the advantage, but unfortunately with little time on the clock he allowed perpetual check, which sealed the team’s defeat. Europchess 2 is now in 8th rank, and needs to work a bit more to secure its place in the league.

Europchess 3

Europchess 3 also in Mechelen did not succeed to turn around the trend, registering its 4th narrow 1.2-2.5 defeat of the season. Luis, Luis and Jorge achieved draws. With other teams of the relegation zone scoring, Europchess 3 has fallen back to rank 11 and remains in danger of relegation.

Europchess 4

After some surprising wins in the previous rounds, the team had a rather inexperienced line-up this time and had to surrender to the CRELEL 4. Galin scored his second win of the season. Any faint hopes of promotion should have disappeared with this defeat, but Europchess 4 can already be sure now not to be relegated.

Europchess 5

The fifth team scored another point, thanks to wins with the black pieces by Bruno and Magnus. Europchess 5 is currently in 8th place in their division.

Results of the II 2022 blitz tournament

The second blitz tournament after the return to over-the-board club activity witnessed the victory of GM Lampert. Again, the decisive game was the one he won this time after a hectic ping-pong over FM Buhr.

We were able to welcome again some new players to our club, some of which were with us for the first time. A warm welcome and good games to everyone!

Interclubs 2021/2022: Round 9

Europchess had a fairly good match day, with all teams remaining unbeaten.

Europchess 1:
The first team had a bye due to the withdrawal of Wirtzfeld 2. Competitors Boitsfort and Charleroi overtook us. As Charleroi has already had its round against Wirtzfeld, it is now the virtual leader, one point ahead of Europchess 1.

Europchess 2:
The second team had a great 5-1 win in Namur. Luis provided an early lead with a win after a bit more than an hour. Leonardo set it on 2-0 and Mark added a draw. Pere’s win in a well-calculated pawn endgame with a lonely queen against four pawn clinched the team win. Johannes had a better knight endgame which he managed to win. Benjamín had lost control of his slightly better position, but his opponent, in severe time trouble, could not find the precise moves to convert the advantage, and went for threefold repetition. With the second win in a row, Europchess 2 moves to a midfield spot, four points clear of relegation.

Europchess 3:
The third team is still in danger, as the wait for a win continues. Wins by Martin and José María were only enough for a 2-2. With 4 points, the team is still tied with the relegation spot 11.

Europchess 4:
The fourth team continues to surprise. Despite being reshuffled on short notice, a 2.5-1.5 win against the experienced Brussels 4 team was achieved. Gabriele with his second win in the second game was the matchwinner, while Matus, Helge and Jorge all drew their games. This propulses Europchess 4 to 3rd rank.

Europchess 5:
Due to a last-minute case of illness, we unfortunately had to forfeit one game. Ioannis and Magnus won their games and secured a point though. With 6 points, Europchess 5 occupies a decent midfield rank.