Belgian league – round 3

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chessboard_sTriple victory for Europchess in Round 3!

In round 3 of 7 November 2010, all the three teams of Europchess showed convincing play at home and scored all match points! In their first performance for the team in this season Klaus Bolding, Matija Suskovic and Sergio Serrano Samper all won their games! Moreover, newcomer Luis Busquets Perez contributed a hard-fought draw for the first team in perfect team spirit.

Europchess 1 played against Landegem 2 in Division 3D. On board 5, Jozsef Barta gained an important space advantage on the queenside after the opening with White. His opponent, Snoek, prepared a counter-break at the centre, but was never able to actually play the freeing pawn move e5. Jozsef kept control of the board and won a pawn and the exchange with a pin over the e-file in the middle-game: 1-0 for Europchess after 3 hours. On board 3, Klaus Bolding faced the Schlechter Slav defence of Depauw. Black played very passively, which allowed Klaus to dominate the queenside and the only open c-file. He then strengthened his position also in the centre and on the kingside, which yielded first a pawn and then an exchange shortly before the time control. 2-0 for Europchess. Luis Busquets Perez on board 6 had Black against youngster Lootens. They played an irregular kings pawn opening in which Luis equalised easily. While he had some pressure in the middlegame, Luis entered the ending with a rook and a pawn against two minor White pieces. After a long fight, the two players finally agreed a draw, which brought the score to 2.5-0.5. Frank Hoffmeister on board 4 also equalised easily from the opening with Black and took over the initiative on move 11. A highly tactical position was then turned into a rook plus knight ending with symmetrical pawn structure, which looked drawish. However, shortly before the time control, Coppieters lost a pawn and later on the entire game. 3.5 – 0.5. On board 1, Tom Wiley made use of his white pieces in an old variation of the Tarrasch Defence. With accurate play, he won Black’s d-pawn. His opponent, Goossens, tried to save the point in an ending of bishops on opposite colours, but Tom created a second passed pawn on the h-file and then invaded Black’s defenceless queenside: 4.5-0.5. With the match points already secured, Georgi Tomov on board 2 conceded a draw against Verslype after he missed some good chances to win in a bishop vs. knight ending arising from a symmetrical Queen’s pawn opening.  With 5-1, this result was fairly clear and deserved.

Georgi had this endgame position. How should Black proceed? (see solution at the end of this article)

Georgi had this endgame position. How should Black proceed? (see solution at the end of this article)

Final result:


With CREB 2, Europchess 2 faced a nominally stronger team. However, on board one Eduardo Semanat Planas played an original opening with White against Michel Laurent. When black started an offensive with f5, Eduardo fought back and created holes in Black’s king position and dominated the white squares. He then activated his rooks and both bishops which were all longing for his majesty’s head. Black could not resist the fire and gave up when losing an entire rook. With a point in the lead, Milan Pein on board 4 simplified to a theoretical drawn ending against Thierry Lhoir after having played a safe line in the opening, where White did not achieve anything but dull equality in a symmetrical position. 1.5 – 0.5 for Europchess! On board 3, Serge Le Gal played a queen’s pawn opening with an early c5. Armin Lerch destroyed his pawn chain and pocketed pawn, but Serge got compensation through more active piece play against a walking Black King. Serge managed to open the lines with the effect that both his rooks supported by a bishop on g2 created awkward threats against Black’s position. Under pressure, Lerch crumbled and Serge converted his extra piece safely in the ensuing elementary ending. 2.5-0.5! Kristian Pade Frederiksen on board 2 showed fighting chess with Black against Paul Demoulin. After a complicated opening and middlegame, the two players entered into a rook ending. Kristian had a protected passed-pawn, but White’s king was much more active than his counterpart. So the game converted into a drawish position with rook and 3 pawns vs. rook and 2 pawn. Europchess thus scored its first win with 3-1!

Final result:


Europchess 3 was the favourite against Wavre 3 in Division 4G. Matija Suskovic with White overplayed Willy Meunier, who had difficulties to develop his queenside. Matija then produced took out the only defender of Black’s position – knight on d5 – and intruded Black’s king position. After a few strokes, he could not defend any more and gave up. 1-0 in the early middlegame! On board 4, Sergio Serrano Samper played with Black against Quentin Houssonlonge. Sergio first won two pawns on the kingside and then White took a poisoned pawn on f5. This cost White a full piece, after which Sergio brought home the point easily. 2-0! Luis Parreira on the second board played a highly instructive game with Black against F. Tavernier. In an ending with both rooks and a bishop, White tried in vain to create some activity on the kingside over the half-open g-file. Luis organised counterplay in the centre and once the position opened up, his pieces were much stronger. He thus scored the 3rd win for Europchess 3 and the full match point! This relieved Vladymyr Dedobbeleer, who played against his former team collegue H. Poth. Vlaydymyr overestimated his attacking chances in a Ben-Oni set-up with White and lost the important f4-pawn. Black could thus control the vital square e5 and later on won a second pawn and the game. However, this only loss of the day did not spoil the party for the entire team, as Europchess moved further up the table with 3-1 match points!

Final result:


Georgi’s comments to the diagrammed position:

While my opponent was thinking, I figured out that Black achieved easily a zugzwang position starting with 42…b4 43. a4 (or 43. ab Kb4 44. Kc2 Bb5 45. Kb2 Bd3 -+) 43… Bb7 44. Ke3 (44. Nc4 Ba6 zugzwang) 44…Ba6 (zugzwang) 45. Nb1 Bf1 46. Kf2 Bd3 47. Nd2 Kd4 -+

Unfortunately, I thought I could also start with 42… Bb7? and then 43… b4 followed by Ba6. The problem was that here White played the strong 43. b4+! ab 44. Nb3+ (that I missed) 44…Kd6 45. ab and now the Black king can not find a way to penetrate and the knight got an active position on c5. We agreed to a draw several moves later.


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