Europchess wins the interligues

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IMGP4285_lr Five new players secure a fantastic start of the season

On 12 September 2010, the tournament between several Belgian chess ligues was played in Brussels. Players from Europchess made up the ten boards for the European Union and secured a convincing win with 7,5/10 points in front of Bruxelles-Capitale, Hainaut, Namuur-Luxemburg and Bruxelles-Capitale II. This fantastic performance was mainly due to the fact the our new players Georgi Tomov, Matija Suskovic, Luis Parreira, Edit Kollo and Luis Busquets Peres scored an incredible 4,5/5 in their games. Together with the ‘old hands’ Frank Hoffmeister, Jozsef Barta, Jenö Czuczai, Vladymy Dedobbeleer and Milan Pein (3/5) this won us the first trophy in the current season.

On board one, Georgi Tomov played a safe positional game with black against Dinko Giadrosic. While White exerted some pressure on the queen side throughout the middle game, Georgi was able to reach a slightly better endgame. After a mistake, White’s knight stranded on the a6-square where Georgi could pocket it, and thus win the game.

Matija Suskovic played on board two an unusual line with White against the Dutch Defence of Thu Giang Nguyen and exerted pressure on Black’s position. He further consolidated his material advantage in mutual Zeitnot, ending up with no less than 4 pawns (!) up after move 40. The technical phase did not pose any problem to convert this into a full point.

On the third board, Frank Hoffmeister got space advantage with Black after the opening against Julien Verbist. However, the opponent managed to exchange queens arriving at a roughly equal rook ending with two pawns each left on the board. After some careless moves, Frank past a-pawn suddenly became dangerous, and his promotion secured the third point for the team.

Jozsef Barta on board four dominated Jean-Christophe Thiry since the opening for long parts of the game with White. However, Black came back through the activation of his rooks and bishop entering Jozsef’s position. He was thus forced to agree to a draw through repetition of moves.

On board five Jenő Czuczai outplayed Julien Castiau with a French defence. White could not cope with Black’s pressure on the queenside, and after a nice intermediate check with a knight on d3, White’s position crumbled. Jenö converted his won ending without any further problems.

Luis Parreira on board six played the Albin’s Countergambit and regained the sacrificed pawn easily from Alain Demerleir. In the pawn ending material was equal, but Luis cleverly undermined White’s pawn centre and formed a passed pawn on the kingside. With this precise play he won another important point for the team.

Edit Kollo on board seven defended an Italian game with Black against Evgeny Volkov. While taking the pawn on e4 appeared risky as it allowed White to destroy Black’s right to castle, Edit managed to stabilise the position in the centre. In a complicated middlegame she organised counterplay with her central pawns and won the full point.

On board eight Vladymyr Dedobbeleer got under pressure with White in an English setting, because Black could attack his backward pawn on d3. Vladymyr defended well and converted the game into a Queen/rook ending himself keeping a dangerous past a-pawn. As his King was, however, not very safe, the game ended in a draw.

Milan Pein on board nine got into trouble against Marc Jamar with Black after a Sicilian opening and lost an important pawn on the queenside and later on another. While he was able to complicate matters with winning a Queen against two rooks, this was not enough to reverse the game, suffering defeat.

Finally, on board ten Luis Busquets Perez faced Jens Frederiksen with White in a complicated closed Spanish game. Somehow Luis managed to queen a pawn earlier than his opponent who had entered with his King to h2(!) and a pawn on g3-three. As the queening of the latter could not be prevented, the game was drawn.

Congratulations for all players for this outstanding Sunday!

1 Dinko Giadrosic - Georgi Tomov 0-1
2 François Godart - Philippe Uhoda 1/2-1/2
3 Matija Suskovic - Thu Giang Nguyen 1-0
4 Jean-Marie Piron - Claudio Piacentini 0-1
5 Ivan Werner - Youssif Eid 0-1
6 Thibault Real - François Fontigny 1-0
7 Julien Verbist - Frank Hoffmeister 0-1
8 József Barta - Jean-Christophe Thiry 1/2-1/2
9 Philippe Jassem - Patrick Boclinville 1/2-1/2
10 Etienne Cornil - Nicola Capone 1-0
11 Axel Denivet - Philippe Mariamé 1-0
12 Vincent Dumont - Philippe Lombart 0-1
13 Julien Castiau - Jenö Czuczai 0-1
14 Daniel Dejasse - Nicolas Rauta 0-1
15 Alain Demeirleir - Luis Parreira 0-1
16 Patrick Wautelet - Manolis Grigoriou 1-0
17 Evgeny Volkov - Edit Kollo 0-1
18 Henri Winants - Jean-Claude Montagne 1-0
19 Vladymyr Dedobbeleer - Antonio Forte 1/2-1/2
20 Dominique Charlier - Vadim Jamar 0-1
21 Paul Demoulin - Steve Onbelet 1-0
22 Marc Jamar - Milan Pein 1-0
23 Laetitia Heuvelmans - Olivier Masy 1-0
24 Jean Laprade - Hoachim Chennoufi 1-0
25 Luis Busquets Pérez - Jens Frederiksen 1/2-1/2
Georgi Tomov (top right) and Matija Suskovic (bottom left) playing for Europchess

Georgi Tomov (top right) and Matija Suskovic (bottom left) playing for Europchess

Jozsef Barta (in the middle) playing for Europchess

Jozsef Barta (in the middle) playing for Europchess

Jenő Czuczai won a nice game with Black

Jenő Czuczai won a nice game with Black

Edit Kollo (bottom right) also won her game with Black

Luis Parreira (in the middle, next to the wall) and Edit Kollo (bottom right) also won their game with Black

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