Interclubs 4th round results

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Jenő and Frank are playing for victory...

Europchess defends lead in Round 4:

In Round 4, Europchess 1 and 3 defended its respective leads in groups 4 C and 5 J. Europchess 2 lost.

The first team played CCZ 1 in its strongest composition. On board four, József Barta played his fourth game with black, this time an orthodox Queen’s gambit against Constant Clerquin (1582). His opponent started to open up the queen side. However, this created a weak a4 pawn, which József grabbed for nothing. A few moves later, his pieces invaded White’s position with huge material wins. The opponent had to give up rather around move 25. 1-0 for Europchess 1! Tom Wiley on board one transposed into the French defence against Pierre Parys (2028). Although Tom enjoyed space advantage and had the better White bishop, the opponent organised clever counter-play on the Queenside. After the exchange of all heavy pieces, the players agreed on a draw: 1,5 – 0,5 after 3 hours. On board three, Jenő Czuczai played a fianchetto opening, which Jean-Michel Delfosse (1620) tried to copy. While Black could exchange the white-squared bishop on g2, this cost him a lot of time and Jenö dominated the centre with a solid pawn wall. After having brough all his pieces into attacking positions, the f-pawn marched to f6, forcing the g7-bishop to h8. That was the beginning of the end for Black, as White decisively opened the h-file: 2,5- 0,5 for Europchess before the time control!  Playing against Patrick Decellier (1909) on board two, Frank Hoffmeister gained an advantage with the two bishops with Black. Strengthening his position calmly, he won two pawns before the time control and even an exchange shortly thereafter. However, Frank unnecessarily left with his rook the 7th rank, allowing White to threaten a perpetual check. He declined a draw offer and decided to march with his King to e4 – however, White found a nice combination, which cost Black’s rook and – bitterly – later the entire game. Nevertheless, as the final result was 2,5-1,5, Europchess is still unbeaten in group 4 C.

With Brussels Chess Club 3 the second team again faced a strong opponent with an average of around 1850 ELO. Nicolas Rauta on board one secured a draw against Stephane Tannemaat (2004). Colin Gilbert on board two, however, ran into a strong attack against h7 and had to surrender early on against Ahmad Choukohian (1940). Philippe Mariamé on board 4 defended well in the middlegame against Stephane Lefevre (1630), but finally lost a bit unluckily. In return, Jens Frederiksen was able to draw on board three in an ending that did not look very promising. Europechess 2 hence lost 1-3.

The third team played Brussels Chess Club 5 with players between 1650-1400 ELO. On board one, Eduardo Semanat Planas played a standard variation in the open Ruy Lopez until Michel Boelen decided to sacrifice two pieces against a rook on f2. This idea was not correct, and Eduardo soon had the better play. However, in a somewhat careless manoeuvre, he gave a Queen check on h7 and had to give back material to free it again. Luckily, Eduardo kept two strong bishops and was able to win the endgame. On board two, Pere Moles Palleja played a strong Sicilian defence against David de Maeyer. Black forced an unclear simple position where white’s pair of bishops and the weakness of black dark squares compensate their poor queenside structure of pawns.White probably took a wrong decision exchanging the light bishops to improve his pawn structure. Black managed to block a passed pawn at c5 and forced d4, leaving white with a bad bishop and an impresive kept-alone Knight at d6 as black Knights at c6 and d5 behind the blocked pawns at d4 and c5 proved to be stronger. Black manoeveured to tie white pieces to the defense of d4 and proceeded to advance his passed pawn at a7, which reached a2 in only five movements! A nice but easy final blow put an end to the game. 2-0 for Europchess! Serge Le Gal on board 4 faced Issam Wahibi with Black. Serge played a solid opening and got a favourable ending. He won the opponent’s isolated pawn on d4 and pressed for a win. When he got a draw offer, he agreed to it with a view of securing the two match points for the team. Hence, José Maria on board 3 with White against Michel Cercone was not bound to win anymore. While making pressure over the f-file, Black secured e5 for his knight. Unfortunately, José-Maria then stretched his position too far and had to give up later on. Thus, as in the first team, we had to face the first losses on the board, but still won all match points for Europchess 1 and 3!


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