Interclubs, Round 4 – Line-up problems

Europchess 1:

With only five players over 2000, the club’s flagship had an unusually weak line-up, but only slightly lower-rated than their opponents of Zottegem. Frank, with his second consecutive win, Martin, maintaining a perfect score of 3/3 and Matteo with his first win for Europchess, as well as Benjamín and Georgi with draws ensured a point for the team. With 4 points, Europchess 1 is now in 8th place.

Europchess 2:

The second team had a big challenge as they had to face the division leaders of Caissa Europe, rated on average almost 300 points higher. Serge, Sergio and David were soon one or two pawns and could not recover these disadvantages. However, in the other three games, we had our chances. Luis converted his good position for his second win in a row against clearly higher-rated players. Helge was on a good way to refute his opponent’s opening sacrifice, and even refused a draw offer, as Johannes’ game was still unclear. After a some chances in the middlegame, Johannes had found himself in a losing endgame, but when his opponent tried to finish it off with a sacrifice, it resulted in a draw. Ultimately Helge overlooked a checkmate and lost. Also Europchess 2 is 8th with 4 points.

Europchess 3:

The third team was also clear underdog in its match against Leuven 3. Luis saved the honour with a draw. Europchess 3 remains in shared last place of Division 4A.

Europchess 4:

The fourth team benefitted from the fact that their opponents were not line-up particularly strong either, and remained unbeaten in all four games. Jorge and Galin with wins and Gabriele and Robert with draws ensured the 3-1 win. With now 3 points, Europchess 4 moved up to 9th place.

Europchess 5:

Team 5 was also outclassed by their opponents, losing 0-4 for the second time in a row, but is still on 7th place in its division.

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