Interclubs – Round 3 – First success of E1 this season

Europchess 1

The first team scored its first win of the season in a tight match against Opwijk. The first games to finish were Pere’s and Mattias’ against Opwijk’s De Block brothers, through which the guests took a 1.5-0.5 lead. This was equalised by Frank, while Tom, Jozsef and Mark added further draws. The decision had to come from the two top boards in the fifth hour of play. First Georgi provided the lead, converting an advantageous queen endgame against Hanne Goossens, then Victor secured the match win in a complicated position with uneven material (rook and bishop pair against queen and dangerous passed pawn), when he managed to force a draw by perpetual check. Europchess 1 climbs to 8th rank with now 3 points.

Europchess 2

The second team had a comparatively weak line-up, but as Brussels 1 also had to bring in several reserve players, on paper, they were only slight underdogs. On the chessboard though the match became a very clear affair, as Brussels won 5.5-0.5. Michael Vedsø, in his first appearance for Europchess, saved the honour with a draw on board 6. Luckily Europchess 2 has already 4 points and is currently 5th.

Europchess 3

After two defeats in the first two rounds, the third team conquered their first point of the season with a good 2-2 against a strongly lined-up Opwijk 2. Luis Parreira with a win, and Luis Busquets and Georgios with draws accounted for the points.

Europchess 4

The fourth team though had a tough task with the clearly higher rated DT Leuven 2. In the 0-4 defeat only experience was gained.

Europchess 5

The same result had to be registered for Team 5 who faced the experienced 3rd team of Brussels Chess Club.

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