Blitz tournaments in October

During October, Europchess continued with the lunchtime blitz tournaments every Wednesday at 13.00. Tom Jayes won the 5th October tournament with a 100% result, followed by a group of three players (Johannes Bertram, Rafael del Riego and Benjamín Alberola) with three points each. Frank Hoffmeister won the 12th October tournament, also with a 100% result, followed by Tom Jayes. Anyway, the biggest star during this month was Luis Busquets, who won the last two tournaments of the month. In the first one, on 19th October, he had a 100% result and was followed by Benjamín Alberola and Johannes Bertram, who scored both 3,5 points. On 26th October, Luis tied with Johannes Bertram at 4 points each, but won the tournament as he had a better Buchholz coefficient.

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