Interclubs. Round 2.

Europchess 1

In a Brussels derby with The Belgian Chess Club from Anderlecht, Europchess 1 was long hoping for a win, but in the end had to be content with a 4-4. Georgi and Mark provided wins, Víctor, Tom, Frank and Matteo (in his debut for Europchess) drew their games.

Europchess 2

The second team did it better, scoring the second win in their second match. The team was somewhat weakened due to some absences and giving two players to Europchess 1, while Echiquier du Centre was able to line up their best 6 players. Martin opened the score after outplaying his opponent. Johannes added a draw in a very equal and symmetrical position. A little setback was Georgios’ loss, as he had a strong and probably winning attacking position, but blundered a piece. David, in his first match for Europchess, provided the lead again, when his opponent made tactical mistakes under time pressure. Also Kristian and Benjamín had promising positions, but settled for draws to secure victory.

Europchess 3

The third team suffered the second loss of the season. Although the rating average put them slightly in the favourite role, in the end a narrow 1.5-2.5 was the result. Alessandro won his game, while José María added a draw.

Europchess 4

Team 4 scored a surprise draw against The Belgian 2, who were rated more than 200 points higher on average. After two losses, the team was already under pressure, but both Marcello and Serge beat their higher-rated opponents to secure the point.

Europchess 5

The third draw of the day was achieved by Team 5. Benefitting from a forfeit on Board 4, the team clinched the point through draws by Jorge and Borin.

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