Interclubs 2021/2022: Round 9

Europchess had a fairly good match day, with all teams remaining unbeaten.

Europchess 1:
The first team had a bye due to the withdrawal of Wirtzfeld 2. Competitors Boitsfort and Charleroi overtook us. As Charleroi has already had its round against Wirtzfeld, it is now the virtual leader, one point ahead of Europchess 1.

Europchess 2:
The second team had a great 5-1 win in Namur. Luis provided an early lead with a win after a bit more than an hour. Leonardo set it on 2-0 and Mark added a draw. Pere’s win in a well-calculated pawn endgame with a lonely queen against four pawn clinched the team win. Johannes had a better knight endgame which he managed to win. Benjamín had lost control of his slightly better position, but his opponent, in severe time trouble, could not find the precise moves to convert the advantage, and went for threefold repetition. With the second win in a row, Europchess 2 moves to a midfield spot, four points clear of relegation.

Europchess 3:
The third team is still in danger, as the wait for a win continues. Wins by Martin and José María were only enough for a 2-2. With 4 points, the team is still tied with the relegation spot 11.

Europchess 4:
The fourth team continues to surprise. Despite being reshuffled on short notice, a 2.5-1.5 win against the experienced Brussels 4 team was achieved. Gabriele with his second win in the second game was the matchwinner, while Matus, Helge and Jorge all drew their games. This propulses Europchess 4 to 3rd rank.

Europchess 5:
Due to a last-minute case of illness, we unfortunately had to forfeit one game. Ioannis and Magnus won their games and secured a point though. With 6 points, Europchess 5 occupies a decent midfield rank.

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