Interclubs 2021/2022 – Round 3

For many clubs in the country, this interclubs round was a difficult task: some teams forfeited completely, some a number of individual games, and very unbalanced team compositions illustrate that it was not easy for anyone to align full teams. Europchess was no exception to that. All teams were somewhat weakened.
Against this background, the results with two wins was quite a decent outcome.

Europchess 1:
Despite missing several regular players, the first team scored its second win of the season. Szymon and Victor provided a 2-0 lead, but the rest of the games were not clear at all. In the upper half of the team, we were under pressure, and eventually Rossen and Georgi lost, while Slawomir had to be content with a draw in an endgame one pawn down. The match was then decided by the “benches”: also Westerlo did not have its strongest line-up, but Páll, Mark and Benjamín all won their games to secure in the end a clear 5.5-2.5. With 5 points, Europchess 1 is in 2nd place for the moment.

Europchess 2:
The second team was considerably weakened, as some stem players were missing, and others had to fill up the first team. Against strong opponents, the task was too tough. Good draws though for Mattias and Nikos.

Europchess 3:
The third team was supported on short notice by Luis’ son David. At 1-1 from the two Black games (win by Luis Parreira), Brasschaat took the lead. Luis Busquets tried everything to equalise, but in a completely closed position it became soon clear that no breakthrough was possible, so a draw sealed the team’s defeat.

Europchess 4:
The surprise performance came from Europchess 4, who pulled off a win against the experienced Woluwe 1 team. In the shortest game of the day, Johannes benefitted from a decisive oversight of his opponent early in the opening. Also Marius’ win stayed short of 20 moves giving the team a comfortable 2-0 lead. David achieved a draw against a strong opponent in his first game for Europchess, and even Sergio had a promising position, which however turned into an unfortunate loss. With 4 points, Europchess 4 is now comfortably placed, but probably without realistic chances for promotion.

Europchess 5:
Having run out of reserve players, we could not react to the last two cases of illness and had to forfeit one game. Also on the remaining boards the fifth team faced significantly higher-rated opponents, which showed very quickly. Magnus saved the honour with a solid game that ended in a rook endgame with a pawn up. As the opponent’s rook was maximally active though, Magnus decided to take a draw by move repetition.

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