Interclubs 2021/2022 – Round 2

In Round 2 of the Interclubs, Europchess had exactly the same harvest as in the first round : two victories, two draws and one defeat – but no team repeated the result of the first round!

From an organisational point of view, it was a difficult Sunday with the new measures and the aggravation of the epidemiological situation in Belgium, which lead to two forfeits in the second team.

Europchess 1
The first team scored its first win of the season, again in a tight match, In Leuven. The absence of two stem players was well compensated by reserve players Jozsef and Páll. Indeed, Páll scored a crucial win in his first game for Europchess. Together with Sławomir’s win and five draws, Europchess managed to win with the smallest of margins.

Europchess 2
The second team, also playing in Leuven, suffered from various absences, but luckily had a not so strong opponent team. As predicted by team captain Mattias, even with the handicap of two forfeits, it was still possible to win the match by scoring 3.5 points on the remaining boards: credits to Mattias, Mark, Szymon, and Jesper.

Europchess 3
The third team scored a decent draw against Turnhout. Benjamín and Luis were slightly favourites on the first two boards and scored the team’s points.

Europchess 4
The fourth team, playing in almost the same line-up as in round 1, suffered a resounding 0-4 defeat, but admittedly against the probably strongest team in the league, who were 300 points higher-rated on average.

Europchess 5
After the narrow loss in Round 1, also the fifth team got its first point to the scoreboard. Against Leuven 5, a win by Bruno and draws by Jorge and Stanislav (first game for Europchess), secured the team result.

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