Interclubs 2021/22 – Round 1

Europchess played this time in the CIE Overijse, away from the traditional venue in the Van Maerlant building. The conditions were excellent, and we could welcome our guests in a nice environment, which will most likely also be the case for the second round some weeks from now.


Europchess 1 :
It started off perfectly when Víctor García Cuenca scored his first win for Europchess after just one hour. But the match turned out to be very tough. After a series of draws and two losses, the team was 2.5-3.5 down. With great fighting spirit, Slawomir held a draw in a rook endgame one pawn down; and Rossen in extremis won a rook endgame one pawn up, to secure the 4-4.

Europchess 2:
Also this match was tough with the opponents being roughly 100 points stronger on average. Before time control Europchess was trailing 0.5-2.5, but a win by John, a draw on the top board by Mattias, and – in the longest game of the day – another win in a rook endgame by Szymon helped the team to score a nice 3-3.

Europchess 3:
Impressive performance: Luis and Luis pocketed a 2-0 lead early on, so Helge’s draw clinched already the team win. José María also converted his advantage to seal the clear 3.5-0.5 victory.

Europchess 4:
Even more impressive performance by the newly promoted fourth team. No better way to enter a new league than with a 4-0. New member Marius Raugalas also made a perfect debut by winning quickly. Also Johannes won without problems and Sergio added a third. Nikos had an interesting game with very uneven material distribution. His rook and minor piece + passed pawn were more than enough for the queen he gave. In the end his opponent lost on time, but his lonely queen was also quite helpless against rook+bishop+knight+pawn.

Europchess 5:
Another good debut, as Magnus Nemitz won his first tournament game ever (well done!). Jorge added a draw but two losses at the top boards meant that the match was lost narrowly.

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