End of 2019/2020 season (finally!)

In September, after the saga of the Covid-interruption, the 2019-2020 season was completed. The outstanding rounds 10 and 11 were played, as had been controversially decided by the federation, but forfeits (either by team or on individual boards) were not penalised. This of course led to some distortion of final standings, but in many cases the matches were also not relevant anymore for promotion/relegation.

In Round 10, Europchess did not play any match, because of the different forfeiting possibilities.

In Round 11, E2, E3, and E4 played their final matches, although we also had to leave open two boards due to a lack of players, as the list of two years ago were applicable and some players had left the club since then, while newcomers could not yet be part of the roster.

Results of round 11:

All in all, despite the first relegation ever of a Europchess team (E1 could not hold the competition against professional players), we can certainly speak of a successful season, as all other teams finished in the top 4 of their league, and Europchess 4 dominated its group to achieve a well-merited promotion into the 4th division.

The season 2021/2022 will start… next week. Europchess will participate again with five teams. E1 in the 2nd division, E2 in the 3rd, E3 and E4 in the 4th and E5 in the 5th. For the time being, we will play our home matches in the CIE Overijse, but we hope that we will be able to welcome our guests on our usual premises in Brussels when the situation stabilises again.

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