Martin Müller continues to dominate in Uccle

Brussels Chess Club was the first club in the capital to come out of confinement in August, to resume playing over-the-board chess. Under the necessary special hygienic conditions, the traditional “Brussels Express” rapid tournament was held on four evenings, with a total of 17 rounds. Five Europchess players participated. Martin Müller was the clear favourite by rating and was able to fulfil expectations, winning the tournament with a good score of 14.5/17, 2.5 points clear of second-placed Olivier Caufriez (CREB). However, in terms of performance his score was just slightly above the statistical expectation. Johannes Bertram finished with 11 points, sharing 3rd place with the strongly performing Arman Sarkisian (CREB). Luis Parreira was not very satisfied with his tournament: with 7.5/16 he remained under the 50% mark. The same score of 7.5 points however was a good result for Sergio Serrano Samper, performing more than 100 points above his rating, and beating several higher-rated players. Roberto Teichner participated only on two evenings and scored 2/8 plus one bye.

This was already Martin’s second tournament win in Uccle this year. The Brussels Chess Club Winter Open with classical time control was stopped after 9 of 11 rounds due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Martin was crowned winner with a strong 2114 performance and 7.5/9 points. Also Luis Parreira in sixth place achieved a good result (6/9, performance 1929).

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