New Europchess Presidency elected

In February 2020, just before the Coronavirus made physical meetings impossible, Europchess held its annual general assembly. On the occasion, several members were elected into new functions.

After 11 years, Frank Hoffmeister stepped down as President of Europchess, stating that for any organisation, being led for too long by the same person is not necessarily healthy. His presidency was marked by a remarkable and continuous evolution: the club registered for the Belgian and Francophone interclubs championships and achieved a long series of successes, culminating in the promotion of the first team to first division and two Francophone championships. Also the numbers are impressive: nowadays, Europchess competes in the national championship with no less than five teams.
The club thanked Frank for his great leadership and elected Johannes Bertram as his successor. Frank will continue to support Johannes as Vice-President.

Two other long-term members of Europchess’s board stepped down as well: Christophe Keller (vice-president) and Kristian Pade Frederiksen (secretary) have also served for a decade and were thanked for their efforts.

Benjamín Alberola Mulet was elected new secretary of the club, and this function is merged with the task of webmaster, which he takes over from Johannes.

Jozsef Barta (vice-president), Alex Amelotti (treasurer), Jesper Abrahamsen (tournament director) and Martin Müller (material manager) were all confirmed in their functions. Luis Miguel Parreira was furthermore integrated into the Board as an additional member.

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