Interclubs 2019-2020 – Round 9


Wachtebeke 1 – Europchess 1  :  7.5 – 0.5   +++  Boitsfort 2 – Europchess 2  :  4 – 2  +++  Boitsfort 4 – Europchess 3 :  2 – 2  +++ Boitsfort 5 – Europchess 4 :  1 – 3  +++  Wavre 5 – Europchess 5 :  3 – 1  +++

Round 9: Draw with Boitsfort

+++ In Round 9, Wachtebeke 1 annihilated the first team by 7.5-0.5, but the derby with Boitsfort ended in a good draw. While E 2 lost 2-4, E 4 won 3-1 and E 3 drew 2-2 against strong competitors. E 5 had to give in by 1-3 against the favourite Wavre 5.

Wachtebeke annihilates Europchess 1

On the first board, GM Jaime Santos Latasa (2594) conducted a positional game against Georgi Tomov’s black square weaknesses on the queenside. Playing very quickly, he put Georgi under positional and time pressure. When Georgi’s efforts to obtain counterplay on the kingside did not bear fruit, he resigned.

Tom Wiley on the third board defended very well with Black against FM Elias Van Der Lende (2410). He obtained a drawish-looking rook ending, but White managed to convert it into a won pawn ending, unfortunately.

Paula Gitu on board 4 grabbed space with White against IM Yong Hoon De Rover (2391), but allowed Black to keep to strong bishops. He then attacked her queenside, gained material and the game.

On the sixth board, Sławomir Kędzierski obtained with White a comfortable position against FM Danny De Ruiter (2310). However, when Black transformed the position into an ending, he had the better play on the queenside and won the game.

Frank Hoffmeister on the second board produced a very stable and blocked position with White against IM Miguoel Admiraal (2504). Black open the h-file though, and a tactical trick decided the game before the time control.

Matija Šušković lost an exchange in the early middle game to FM Joey Grochal (2313), but obtained good compensation with active piece play. At some stage, he missed to simplify into a drawish ending and lost the game.

The only half point was secured by Leonardo Pérez Aranda in board 7 with Black against Bahrija Brkic (2235). He first suffered from a passive position in the middlegame, but then obtained good winning chances in the rook ending. Mutual inaccuracies in time trouble led to the sharing of the point.

On the eighth board, Stephen Clark-Foulquier played a long game with White against Esper Van Baar (2108). Black snatched a pawn in a tactical skirmish in the opening and kept it up to the endgame. Both opponents queened a pawn, but Black could force an exchange of queens and the remaining minor pieces, so that his remaining extra-pawn decided the game. This tough loss obviously did not change our position at the bottom of the table.

Europchess 2 gives in to Boitsfort 2

E 2’s winning streak ended in Boitsfort. On the first board, the experienced Bruno Lacroix (2184) outplayed with White Jozsef Barta in a strategic game. In return, Szymon Pozimski took the measure of Bernard Paul (1824) on the fifth board with Black. Playing White, Julien Peyrebrune sacrificed a piece for an attack against Alain Silovy (1741), which forced Black’s king on the sixth rank. However, missing the right continuation, Julien lost the game afterwards. Mark Ouaki on the fourth board won two pieces for a rook from Christophe Callier (2005) and was on the road to victory. However, when his king ended up in the open, Black was able to checkmate him with his rooks. Mattias Johansson on third board won with Black against Denis-Emmanuel Philippe (2047). After a solid, but slightly passive opening, Mattias controlled the center with his heavy pieces. He won White’s queen for a rook by exploiting White’s weak back rank on move 40. At the standing of 2-3 Martin Müller gave his utmost to beat Oriane Soubirou (2127). He sacrificed a piece for a couple of pawns, but his courage did not pay off. The bitter 2-4 loss puts E 2 back on fourth place in Division 3 B.

Europchess 3 draws with Boitsfort 4

The third team faced strong composition of Boitsfort 4. Luis Parreira on the second board tried to attack Eric Van Uytven (2084) with White, but when nothing tangible came out of it, the players agreed on a draw. On the first board, Benjamín Alberola Mulet achieved an equal position with Black against Mourad De Villers (2174), who went for a perpetual check in a balanced ending. Luis Busquets played a nice strategic game with Black against Viviane Caels (1919), won material and then the full point. Unfortunately, on the fourth board, José María Ramos Florido’s attack against Tadeas Hanzl (1734) did not come through, though. Left with inferior material, the ending was lost. The 2-2 puts E 3 on the third place in its division, but as the leader Philippeville is 4 points ahead, there are practically no chances left for promotion.

Europchess 4 beats Boitsfort 5

Boitsfort 5 was no match for Europchess 4. While Ioannis Grammatikopoulos lost a piece in the opening against the young Max Koebele (1140), from which he could not recover, all the other three games were clearly won. Kristian Frederiksen beat Michel Heynsmans (1424), Thanos Gkionis defeated Peter Nagy (1284), and Galin Gentchev outplayed Sylvain Travers (1279). The fourth team leads with 4 points Division 5 D and is thus very close to promotion.

Europchess 5 loses to Wavre 5

In Division 5 G, Sergio Serrano Samper saved a point of honour by winning to Yohan Burignat (1625), while Robert Pryliński (against Alain Wettach, 1842), Jorge Pereiro (against Adrien Anciaux, 1620) and Paris Sansoglou (against Aurian De Briey, 1619) all lost. E 5 is now in the middle of Division 5 G, on fifth place.

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