Interclubs 2019-2020 – Round 8

Europchess 1 – Eupen 1  :  2 – 6  +++  Europchess 2 – Brussels 1  :  4.5 – 1.5  +++  Europchess 3 – Brussels 3  :  3 – 1  +++  Europchess 4 – Brussels 4 :  4 – 0  +++  Europchess 5 – Brussels 5 :  4 – 0  +++

Round 8: Gloria Victoria

+++ In Round 8, the first team fought hard against Rochade Eupen, but again left empty-handed. However, all other four teams took the measure of the opponents from the Brussels Chess Club. Accordingly, the second, third and fourth team kept their chances in their respective divisions, with E4 very close to promotion.

Europchess 1 loses to Rochade Europe

Against the team from Rochade Eupen, Europchess 1 showed good fighting chess, but had to give in by 2-6 against a team of titled players only. On the fifth board, Frank Hoffmeister accepted a risky gambit from FM Andreas Brühl (2335), pocketing on the way two more pawns. However, Black forced White’s king to d1 and counted on his better developed pieces. Frank forced the exchange of queens, but missed a good defensive resource at the crunch moment. Black sacrificed yet another exchange and delivered a beautiful checkmate.

Carl Buhr on board 3 played a closed game against FM Felix Klein (2370), but lost after a complicated middlegame.

On board 2, Georgi Tomov held a good draw against IM Thomas Fiebig (2430). White tried to exercise pressure with his bishop pair, but in the ending Georgi even won a pawn. This ended White’s ambitions and the players agreed on a draw.

Timothy Binham delivered another half point with Black against IM Hans-Hubert Sonntag (2360). White tried to play against Tim’s isolated e-pawn and convert into a favorable ending, but due to Black’s active play the drawing margin never left.

On the sixth board, Eduardo Semanat Planas celebrated a nice come-back with Black against FM Rudolf Meessen (2301). After a usual opening Eduardo lost a pawn on the queenside, but could hope for some compensation by pressuring Black’s d5-pawn. White missed a chance to simplify the position and Eduardo actually won the pawn back. When White advanced his queenside pawns too early, Eduardo was even collecting extra-material and duly won the game.

Rossen Roussev played an interesting game on the top board against GM Mihail Saltaev (2473). Missing a good chance in the middlegame, he ended up in a lost rook ending where Black duly converted his two extra pawns.

On board 7, Leonardo Pérez Aranda lost material in the middlegame against FM Martin Ahn (2271), but then entered into an interesting ending with a bishop and two passed pawns on the queenside. This forced Black to return his exchange, but he still won the ensuing rook endgame with his extra-pawns on the kingside.

József Barta on board 8 resisted for a long time to the positional pressure from FM Dimitrii Marcziter (2266), but in the ending White’s rook on the 7th rank and his more active king and knight decided the game with a beautiful mate in the end. Europchess is thus still the trail-ender of the first division.

Europchess 2 beats Brussels 1

E 2 beat another strong team in Division 3 A, namely Brussels 1. On the sixth board, Szymon Pozimski overcame Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer (1775) with Black in the middlegame after an equal opening.  John Riksten attacked on board five Arnaud D’Haijere (2003) with the White pieces, winning a pawn and putting Black’s king a bit into the open, which the latter did not survive: 2-0. On the second board, Martin Müller added another point with a fine win over Roland Leemans (2188). Martin surprised his opponent in the opening with Black and reached an unusual position. In a tactical skirmish, he first cashed in a piece, but then simplified the position into an easily won rook ending.  The two youngsters Theo Kolp (2004) from Brussels 1 and Mark Ouaki crossed swords on board 4. Mark equalised with Black and even obtained better chances with this bishop pair. However, when the tension petered out after more and more exchanges the players agreed on a draw. On board 3, Mattias Johansson achieved a strategically promising position against Stéphane Tannemaat (2046) with a blocked queenside and attacking chances on the kingside. However, he overlooked a tactical trick, after which Black was in command of the game with an extra pawn. Some inaccuracies from Black in time trouble in the rook ending, though, allowed Mattias to come back and earn a deserved draw by a repetition of moves. A draw was also the result between Pere Moles Palleja and Oleg Iolis on the top board. After a calm opening, the fight became very complicated in the middlegame, but when the endgame was reached with rook and bishop and only three pawns on either side, no one could make decisive progress. This impressive 4-2 victory keeps Europchess 2 on the second rank in the division, closely following the division leader Wavre 1.

Europchess 3 stronger than Brussels 3

The third team prevailed over Brussels 3 with three convincing wins. On the top board Benjamín Alberola Mulet defeated Samuel Yoro (1878) in a slow positional game, where White first collected material and then the full point. Luis Parreira, with Black, showed superior tactical chess against Davy Grobli-Casimir (1799) and equally won. So did José Maria Ramos Florido on board 4 Issa Anirban Hossain (1445). The only drawback was Luis Busquets’ loss with White against Benjamin Faybish (1692). Luis’ castled king on the queenside fell prey to Black’s attacking powers over the half-open c-file. With its team victory of 3-1 Europchess 3 maintains its position on rank 3 in Division 4 F.

Europchess 4 keeps Brussels 4 on distance

A neat 4-0 was recorded by Europchess 4 against Brussels 4. After an hour, Marcello Ranucci’s opponent Christophe Heyndrickx (1284) stopped the clock, being unable to resist Black’s invasion of his position. On the top board, Johannes Bertram organised a sweeping attack against Philippe Jassem (1691) whose ordinary development on the kingside became impossible. Moreover Black’s queen was trapped early on. Black received two rooks in exchange, but Johannes’ pieces were much too strong so that Black’s position collapsed. Kristian Frederiksen faced the experienced Karl De Smet (1555) on the second board with Black. After a failed combination from White, Kristian gained decisive material advantage and won comfortably. Finally, on board three, Stefano Ganci went over a long distance with Gery Rotthier (1445). Stefano had some middlegame advantage, but when the rook ending was reached, the position looked fairly level again. With superior endgame technique Stefano then won the last game of the day.

Europchess 5 dominates Brussels 5

In Division 5 G, Europchess 5 took revenge of the last round and won all its matches. Thanos Gkionis’ opponent Pierre Kolp (1199) had to resign early. Jesper Abrahamsen and Serge Le Gal won against the Lengliz brothers in short time, and Bruno Gatta obtained a decisive material advantage in the middlegame, beating Enrico Giuseppe Violini (1084) on the last board. E 5 has advanced to rank 5 in its Division.

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