Rossen Rusev defends blitz title in 2019!

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In January, it was time to crown the Blitz champion of 2019. As in the previous year, the best blitzer was Rossen Rusev, and this year the title was not up for grabs until the very last tournament. Among the favourites, Rossen was the only one to play more than 15 tournaments and thus wipe out some less good performances. His 62 points out of the best 15 results meant an average score of more than 4 points. The silver medal goes like in 2018 to Carl Buhr, while Frank Hoffmeister finished 3rd, just half a point ahead of Georgi Tomov.

Tournament director Jesper Abrahamsen tirelessly organized 21 tournaments over the year which were highly appreciated: almost not a single one could fit in one room. May the 2020 edition, already under way, be as successful!

Final standings (top 15):

Rossen Rusev - Blitz champion 2019!

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