December recap – Brussels

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Several Europchess members have also participated in individual events in and around Brussels in the month of December: Belgian Military CC – Brussels CC – Eddy Mattheys Blitz – Grand Memorial René Vannerom


Sławomir with two 2nd places at BMCC

The Belgian Military Chess Club organised two tournaments in the military base in Peutie on 14 December. Sławomir Kędzierski, active throughout the year in military chess events could obviously not miss this event, but he was the only Europchessian participating. In both the 7-round Rapid and the 11-round Blitz tournament, he came 2nd to Steven Stinis (Opwijk). In the Rapid he scored 6/7, Performance 2226, and in the Blitz 8.5/11, Performance 2167. Well done!


Martin wins BCC’s autumn open

In December, the Brussels Chess Club’s regular Monday tournament, autumn edition, ended as well. For the first time, Martin Müller had joined the regular Europchess participants, such as Luis Miguel Parreira, Tom Jayes, Marcello Ranucci and Roberto Teichner. And he immediately won the tournament with sparkling 8/9, ahead of Stéphane Tannemaat, who needed one game more to reach the same score.

Average results for the other Europchess players:


Rossen and Mark in Top 10 at strong Eddy Mattheys Blitz

One week after the end of the Open, Brussels Chess Club organised for the third time a FIDE-rated Blitz tournament in memory of Eddy Mattheys. Rossen Rusev in 7th place (7.5/11, perf. 2219) and Mark Ouaki in 10th place (7/11, perf. 2020) were able to somewhat fulfil expectations, while Luis Busquets and Johannes Bertram had rather disappointing results (both 5/11). Luis’ son David scored respectable 4/10.


Six Europchess participants at the 3rd Grand Memorial René Vannerom

The December chess highlight in Brussels was without doubt the 3rd edition of the Grand Memorial René Vannerom, organised by CREB in honour of their former president on 21-22 December. The 11-round rapid tournament was open for players rated 1900 or higher, with a few exceptions granted to lower-rated players. Consequently, an exquisite field was attracted by the event: more than half of the participants were titled players; among them no less than 17 Grandmasters.

Logically for the participating Europchess players this proved to be a tough challenge. Only Rossen Rusev, although performing somewhat below his level (perf. 2102) scored more than 50% and finished in the upper half. After a difficult start (2/7), Rossen managed to win his last 4 games in a row.

Tom Wiley had a decent result, including draws against GM Erik van den Doel and FM Fabrice Wantiez.

Frank Hoffmeister’s performance did not quite reach his rating level, as he scored consistently against lower-rated opponents but got nothing in his games against higher-rated ones.

Jenő Czuczai more or less matched his rating. In particular, in Round 2 he drew with FM Douriet (Cuba).

Mark Ouaki scored above expectations, beating three higher-rated opponents, but three consecutive losses at the end of the tournament prevented a better result.

For Luis Parreira, the tournament was tough, as he was one of the lowest-rated participants. Until the last round, he had only 1 point, but a final win against FM Van Hoolandt ended the tournament on a positive note for him.

Full final standings: