Interclubs 2019-2020 – Round 3

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Europchess 1 – Jean Jaurès 1  :  3 – 5  +++  Europchess 2 – Caïssa Europe 1  :  5 – 1  +++  Europchess 3 – Wavre 2  :  2 – 2  +++  Europchess 4 – Leuven 5 :  4 – 0  +++  Europchess 5 – 2 Fous Diogène 3 :  4 – 0  +++

Round 3: Missed Opportunities

In Round 3, E 1 missed a good opportunity to score the first match points with an unlucky 3-5 loss against Jean Jaurès 1. E 3 could have equally won against Wavre 2, but had to settle for a 2-2. The other three teams won convincingly.

Europchess 1 loses narrowly to Jean Jaurès 1

After an early lead due to forfeit on board 6, it seemed that E 1 could go for the full match points against a team which could not bring its two first players to the boards. However, even that handicap did not play out in our favour. On the second board, Georgi Tomov played a long theoretical line with Black against Michael Wunnink (2250). However, after having established a stable position, Georgi became victim of a queen hunt, which cost him too much material: 1-1.

On board 5, Tom Wiley gained a slight advantage with White in the opening against Elwin Osterwald (2144). However, Black was able to push his central pawn to e3, disturbing White’s coordination. Tom gave a pawn to ease the pressure and arrived at a rook ending with a pawn down, which he held to a draw with able technique.

Eduardo Semanat Planas was contributing another draw against Chris Ghysels (2072). He sacrificed a pawn for the initiative in the middlegame, but Black defended carefully. After several exchanges an ending with opposite-coloured bishops occurred, in which Black’s extra pawn did not make any difference.

On the fourth board, Frank Hoffmeister played a sharp game with Black against Alje Hovenga (2220) with chances for both sides. Shortly before the time control, White found a good sacrifice of the queen for a rook and piece plus a dangerous passed a-pawn. Being short on time, Frank could not find the best defence and ended up in a lost queen ending: 2-3.

Laszlo Hetey on board 3 kept the balance for a long time with White against Arno Bezemer (2224), but the ending was decided by Black with fine play: 2-4.

Rosen Rusev then re-established some hope on the top board with a positional win against Ashote Draftian (2288). Rosen constrained Black’s possibilities throughout the entire game and then pocketed the full point with his more actives pieces in the ending: 3-4.

Eyes then turned to board 8, where Sławomir Kędzierski was two pawns up with Black against Joris Deberdt (2022). However, his kingside was weakened and White managed to win a piece and two pawns with attacking play. Despite best efforts to create counter-chances Sławomir had to resign the elementary ending, where White could easily convert his material advantage. With this bitter 3-5 loss, Europchess 1 has not moved from the bottom of the first division.

Europchess 2 wins with huge margin against Mons

Europchess 2 had an easy ride against Caïssa Europe from Mons, as the first three boards were forfeited by the opponents. On board 6, Milan Beles outplayed Christophe Saingier (1598) with Black on the queenside early on, adding the first board victory for the match win. Mark Ouaki followed with an attacking game against Jerome Vicainne (1599). On board 4, Mattias Johansson had won a pawn in the opening with Black against Daniel De Noose (1839). However, White gained some counterplay against Mattias’s lofty king on the queenside in the middlegame and managed to score the honorary point for the guests. The neat 5-1 win, though, keeps E 2 in the race in Division 3 A with a good second rank.

Europchess 3 draws with Wavre 2

In the top match of the division, Europchess 3 and Wavre 2 shared the match points after a heavily contested 2-2. On the first board, John Riksten kept the dangerous Thierry Hawia (2059) under control. In a calm middlegame the players swapped off pieces and signed a piece treaty in a very balanced position. On board 4, Luis Parreira outplayed Alain Wettach (1842) with Black and was three solid pawns up. However, when the position opened up, Luis lost control and even lost the full point. On board 3, Benjamín Alberola Mulet played a strong positional game against Gabriel Miulescu (1957). However, he could not convert his extra piece in the ending due to a lack of pawns. So it was very important that Szymon Pozimski played for a win with Black against the experienced Albert Verhaegen (2050). After having achieved easy equality in the opening, Szymon weakened White’s queenside structure and then invaded with his pieces the position to a full win: with this 2-2, E 3 is now on shared third place in Division 4 F.

Europchess 4 sends back Leuven 5 empty-handed

For Europchess 4, the match turned out rather single-sided. On the first board, José María Ramos Florido launched one of his dangerous kingside attacks against Aysajan Abidin (1548), which won him first the exchange and then the full point. Kristian Frederiksen outplayed Wim Peers (1528) with Black with strong pressure against White’s centre, which fell together like a cards house. Marcello Ranucci added a point against Bert Talloun (1232) on board 3. He organised a strong set-up where Black’s lack of space became more and more a liability before White conquered material. Thanos Gkionis on board 4 won against the young Ehsan Aishajiang (1132), who was unable to defend his kingside properly after Thanos had decided to castle on the queenside. This clear 4-0 sent a strong message that E 4 is among the favourites for the title in 5 D.

Europchess 5 clearly beats 2 Fous Diogène 3

In Division 5 G, Europchess 5 scored an equally impressive 4-0. Jesper Abrahamsen used his open d-file to win a full piece from Charles Haverbeke (1455). André Morais put Julien Castiau (1427) under pressure with Black on the queenside and won an exchange and a pawn with a nice tactical track, after which White’s position was hopeless. Bruno Gatta won easily on the fourth board against the young Filippos Raptis (1160) and Leslie Black used the weaknesses in the position of François Massoulie (1387) for another full point. This victory brought the team back to the second place in the division.

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