Belgian Blitz Championship 2019

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On 21 September, SK Dworp organised its 6th Memorial Debast, counting as in previous years as the national blitz championship. New Europchess member Stephen Clark-Foulquier was the best representative of our club on rank 40 with 7.5/13, followed by Mark Ouaki, who scored half a point less, but performed once again clearly above his (blitz) rating. Luis Parreira also scored 7/13, but with a rather low performance. Johannes Bertram performed almost exactly on his rather modest blitz rating and scored 6 points. Roberto Teichner had 5 points which meant a good performance compared to his rating.

The winner was a surprise: experienced IM Ekrem Cekro became the new champion with 12/13, ahead of GM Miguel Munoz and GM Alexandre Dgebuadze.

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