Tonoli Memorial 2019

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On 8 September, the 13th José & Hilda Tonoli Memorial took place in Anderlecht, counting as in the previous year as national championship for rapid chess. Four Europchess members were among the 159 participants. Paula Gitu, Tom Wiley and Mark Ouaki each scored 6/9. Paula had a very strong tournament, beating among others GM Erik van den Doel, FM Adrian Roos and drawing with GM Alexander Dgebuadze. Tom’s performance of 2251 was even a bit higher, with draws against IMs De Schampheleire and Godart being the highlights. Mark saw some light and shadow, but finished off the tournament strongly with three consecutive wins performing slightly above his rating. Lastly, Luis Parreira alternated from the beginning to the end of the tournament wins against lower-rated opponents with losses against higher-rated ones, to finish 65th with 5/9. The winner was FM Daniel Dardha, who dominated the tournament with 8.5/9, beat also Paula and Tom, and added the rapid champion title to the one of classical chess obtained just some weeks earlier.

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