Georgi Tomov Rapid Champion 2019!

In July, the Europchess rapid championship tournament 2019 was concluded. The two Elo favourites, our two Bulgarian FIDE Masters Rossen Roussev and Georgi Tomov dominated the field and scored 8 point out of 9 rounds. Thus, like in professional tournaments a blitz tie-break was played over four games. Here Georgi decided the match for himself with 2.5-1.5 and conquered the title back from Rossen. Congratulations to Georgi.

The third place went to Christophe Keller (7 points), ahead of Frank Hoffmeister with 6.5. Good results also for Luis Busquets and Johannes Bertram in 5th respectively 6th place, finishing with 6 points, ahead of some >2000 players.

Several newcomers scored more than respectably in their first Europchess Championship and finished in the middle of the table.

Tournament organiser Jesper Abrahamsen thanks all 44 participants, who contributed to the success of the tournament. The 201-2020 edition The will start beginning of October and end in May or June 2020.

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