FEFB Individual Championship 2019

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Two Europchess players defended our colours at the 2019 FEFB Individual Championship, held from 29 May to 2 June in Leuze. As there were slightly less participants than in previous years, both Martin Müller and Luis Miguel Parreira found themselves in the 12-player “Elite” group, playing directly for the title.

Martin had an excellent start, drawing with top-seed Thibault Real (Boitsfort, 2279), who went on to win the tournament, and beating The Belgian’s Nimrod Faybish (2154) who would finish second in the end. He scored 3.5/5 with winning chances in all games, before two losses agains Oleg Iolis and Gaëtan Marlier slightly spoiled the overall tournament result.

Luis was one of four players that were rated  more than 100 Elo points lower than the rest of the field and logically had a challenging tournament. He managed to beat two of the other underdogs (Eric Lui and Jean-François Rousseau) but lost his other five games.

Overall final standings:

In the Open tournament, Axel Harutyunyan (SC Richard Réti, 1953) and Oriane Soubirou (Boitsfort, 2123) topped the field with 6/7 each.

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