Interclubs promotion featured in POLITICO Playbook

Europchess’s successful Interclubs season did not go unnoticed: in POLITICO’s “Playbook” article of 2 May 2019, Florian Eder reported on the first team’s promotion:

THE WONDERS OF ENLARGEMENT IN PRACTICE: It has taken Europchess, a team made up of EU officials from all over the Continent, a little more than a decade to clamber through the leagues of Belgian chess. Now, after securing a victory against Eisden — the very East Flanders club that stood in its way one year ago — Europchess has ended the season at the top of the second Belgian division, securing that much-longed-for promotion to the top tier.

Two of Europchess’ strongest players, Rosen Rusev and Georgi Tomov, are from Bulgaria, and together with Carl Buhr from Germany and Timothy Binham from Finland, with assistance from an informal enlargement agreement with former chess Olympiad participant Paula Gitu from Moldova, whose father is a Council official, they’ve reached the top.

It’s the “first time an EU team made it into a national first division in any member state,” proud Europchess President Frank Hoffmeister told Playbook. The club started in the fifth division in 2008. “Whether we’ll survive [in the first division] is another question,” said Hoffmeister, adding his team won’t be paying professional players to help. “We’re going to keep our status of amateurs and will fight with the brainpower of EU officials.””


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