Interclubs 2018-2019 – Round 8

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CREB 1 – Europchess 1  :  3 – 5  +++  Mechelen 2 – Europchess 2  :  3 – 3  +++  CREB 2 – Europchess 3  :  1 – 3  +++  CREB 3  –  Europchess 4  :  2 – 2  +++  Geraardsbergen 3 – Europchess 5  :  3 – 1  +++

Round 8: What a wonderful chess world

+++ In round 8, Europchess celebrated an unexpected come-back: Due to a misstep of TSM 1 the first team has regained the first rank in Division 2 A, while E 3 continued its winning streak. E 2 and E 4 drew their matches, while E 5 had to give in this time. Nevertheless, all teams are currently ranked in the upper halves of their respective division!

Europchess 1 wins the derby against CREB 1

Following a request from CREB-President Etienne Cornil, we offered our rooms for this derby since the Palais du Midi was occupied by the billard club. On the boards, an interesting fight developed.

Pere Moles Palleja landed a quick win with White on board 6 against Youssif Eid (1996). He pressed on the kingside, opened-up the h-file against Black’s king, while his own king’s position was very safe. Once Pere’s heavy pieces threatened to infiltrate the position, with a queen sacrifice leading to mate, Black had to resign.

On the fourth board, Frank played against the experienced Denis Luminet (2220), who chose a sharp variation with Black. Frank sacrificed a pawn for quick development in the opening, and when the game maintained its dynamic equality in the middle game, both players were content with a draw.

On board 8, Radoslav Krastev played a calm game with White against Olivier Caufriez (1771), but lost two pawns in the middlegame. Black avoided all tricks in the knight endgame and converted his material advantage.

In return, Jozsef Barta outplayed with Black Tagumpay Gravidez (1832) on board 7 in a difficult pawn ending. Jozsef’s protected passed e-pawn proved to be the decisive asset. With precise calculation Jozsef reached a favourable queen ending, which he won fairly easily.

On board 5, Matija Šušković got a promising position with Black against Nicolas Jean (2005), but in mutual zeitnot his opponent won the exchange and a pawn with tactical devices. This proved to be too much and Matija had to resign after the time control.

That unfortunate result, though, was not so dramatic as the situation on the upper boards developed very well. On the second board Georgi Tomov increased reached a bishop’s ending with a positional advantage against FM Luc Henris (2248) with White. Black exchanged his “bad” bishop, but overlooked that Georgi could block his passed pawn on the queenside, with the effect that White took the full point in the pawn ending.

Tim Binham played an unconventional game with Black against Yves Duhayon (2230) with Black on board 3. White pressed on the queenside, while Tim attacked White’s king. In the ensuing complications, White thought to win two pieces for a rook, but overlooked a mating threat. In reality, this operation thus won the exchange for Tim, which he duly converted into a full point.

This left Rossen Roussev on board 1 against FM Ruben Akhayan (2319). Rossen suffered from a passive position since the opening, but kept iron nerves. Reminiscent of Tigran Petrosian he blocked all White ideas and exchanged pieces where he could. In the ensuing endgame, White’s bishop pair still was dangerous but despite using all his remaining time, White did not discover anything tangible. The players thus sealed a draw. With this 5:3 victory Europchess climbed back on the first rank in Division 2 A.

Europchess 2 takes a draw in Mechelen 2

The second team came back with one match point from Mechelen. On the first board, John Riksten had a clear advantage with Black against Jan Gooris (2167), but unfortunately fell into a mating trap. Martin Müller drew on the second board with Olaf Cliteur (1966) after a long fight. On the third board Mattias Johansson outplayed with Black Velibor Novakovic (1964) with convincing play. Similarly, on board 6, Kristian Frederiksen proved to be superior to Kobus Michielsen. He first won a pawn in the opening, increased the pressure and brought home the game when winning more material. Szymon Pozimski had to resign against Yves Cornille on board 4 after a complicated game. So the match result depended on Johannes Bertram’s game. His position looked critical on board 5 against Arnout Verboven (1819) in the middle game, but when his opponent misplayed the transition to the endgame, Johannes was even a pawn up. However, because of his opponent’s active rook, not more than a draw was possible. This 3:3 further stabilizes the team in Division 3 D on the fourth rank and gives good prospects to play for rank 3.

Europchess 3 beats CREB 2

Despite the fact that CREB’s line-up was strengthened by their shooting star Laurent Huynh (2041), who beat Benjamin Alberola Mulet on the first board after a long fight, our third team also disposed of their second team. Luis Busquets outplayed Jean-Marie Ooghe (1808) on the third board with Black after the opening and pocketed the full point. On board 4, Mark Ouaki launched an attack with White against François Fontigny (1765) in the kingside, which proved to be successful when lines opened against Black’s king. And on the second board Luis Parreira won a bishop from Ahmad Chokouhian (1844) after an equal opening and converted his material advantage in a difficult double rook ending. This 3-1 win confirms E 2 as the runner-up in Division 4 E.

Europchess 4 draws with CREB 3

The fourth team held a good draw against a strong CREB 3, who has ambitions to move up. While Marcello Ranucci lost an important central pawn and later the game with Black against Etienne Cornil (1887) on the first board, Thanos Gkionis delivered a sparkling king-side attack with Black on board 3 against Bernard Raquet (1720) which yielded him a deserved win in the middlegame. Jesper Abrahamsen drew against Didier Lemaitre (1813) on board 2, while Julien Peyrebrune kept equality against Thierry Lhoir (1616). Europchess 4 is now ranked third in Division 5 L.

Europchess 5 suffers defeat in Geraardsbergen 3

The team travelled to Geraardsbergen and played in a rather cold and noisy venue. The match started well for Europchess 5, with Roberto Teichner winning in 8 moves (!) with White against Philippe Lehaire (1150) on board 4. However, Bruno Gatta committed an error in the opening and lost to Louise Vanderstappen (1321) on board 2. Alex Amelotti lost his queen on board 3 against Gabriel Beukenhorst (1155) and his rooks were not enough compensation. Finally, Nikos Zaimis delivered a very long fight on the first board against Roger Verbeque (1604), but had to give in in the end. The 1-3 loss puts the team back to rank 5 in Division 5 M.

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