Interclubs 2018-2019 – Round 2

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Europchess 1 – Leuven 1  :  5 – 3  +++  Europchess 2 – Woluwe 1  :  5 – 1  +++  Europchess 3 – Geraardsbergen 1  :  3 – 1  +++  Europchess 4 – Pantin 6  :  1.5 – 2.5  +++  Europchess 5 – Leuven 5  :  2.5 – 1.5  +++

Round 2: Full House

In our first home match, all teams except the fourth one provided for a full house with good wins.

Europchess 1 beats Leuven 1 in an exciting match

Europchess 1 met Leuven 1, an experienced team which had come back into the second division after relegation one year before. And they started very well. On the 7th board Patrick Delanoeije (1926) won a pawn with Black against Martin Müller in the opening, and when he added an exchange through a knight fork he took the full point.

Equally, Romain Slootmaekers (2058) showed teeth with Black against Oana Bogza on the fifth board. After an equal opening he could inflict damage on her king’s position with Bxh3. Oana wisely declined the sacrifice, but could nevertheless not hold the position in time trouble. However, that was about it.

On the third board, Frank Hoffmeister played a risky opening line with White against Anton Van der Weij (2158). In order to avoid a passive position, Black gave back a pawn and Frank could exercise some pressure on the queenside. In a critical position, he overlooked a combination which could have secured a lasting advantage, though. Black defended accurately and the two players shared the point in a roughly equal position instead of taking playing 20 moves both with 10 minutes left on the clock.

Around that time Frank’s neighbour on the 4th board, Pere Moles Palleja, was already on the victory road. Facing Jonas Verheyden (2108) Pere adopted a very aggressive approach with Black by keeping his king in the centre and pushing pawns on both wings.  After a tactical middlegame Pere arrived at an ending where his passed a-pawn was much more dangerous than White’s isolated doubled c-pawns. White first lost the exchange and later on also the game: 1.5-2.5.

On the 8th board, Milan Beles pressured Hasan Kutlu (1849) in a long game with Black. After a promising middlegame the players arrived in a rook ending where Milan was a passed e-pawn up. However, this was not enough to win as White resisted stubbornly: 2-3.

On the other hand, Jozsef Barta on the sixth board outplayed Eddy Van Espen (2056) in another rook endgame. Jozsef first gained the a-pawn, but later on, even more importantly, could eliminate White’s king-side pawns. In the end, his connected passed g- and h-pawns decided the game as Jozsef avoided all stalemate tricks from White: 3-3.

In this situation, our top players on the first two boards made the difference. First, Georgi Tomov with White on the 1st board arrived to a rook ending with a passed d-pawn and both players having 3 pawns on the kingside. Accurate technique with a more active king allowed him to overcome Roel Goossens (2300): 4-3.

And finally, Tim Binham crowned the performance of the first team with another impressive win with Black against Benjamin Tonoli (2184). Out of the opening Tim got the initiative against a somewhat passive approach of his opponent. When both were coming closer to the time control, Tim gave his knight but earned three connected passed pawns on the kingside, supported by his active rook. White tried his best to keep the pawns from moving ahead, but once King’s king was able to support them as well and he lost another pawn on the queenside, his fate was decided: 5-3. With this win, Europchess 1 moved to the 2nd place in Division 2 A.

Europchess 2 outclasses Woluwé 1

Europchess 2 showed an equally strong performance against Woluwé 1. On the 1st board, Olafur Hannesson rolled over Stephane Nolf (2033) by pushing his kingside pawns while his own king was safe on the queenside. After opening up the position his attack became too strong: 1-0. Our youngster Mark Ouaki made his debut in the second by contributing another win with Black against Philippe Mariamé (1647). Mark equalised after the opening and then won by fine attacking play against White’s king: 2-0. On the 2nd board, John Riksten defended with Black against Julien Verbist (1986). When the players swapped all their pieces and left no weaknesses in their pawn structure, a peace treaty was signed. 2.5-0.5. On the fifth board, Kristian Frederiksen was close to winning against Pierre Yves Mistiaen (1710) with White. Black had wrongly sacrificed a whole rook, eyeing at Kristian’s king. However, just when the position was stabilised, Kristian lost an important defending bishop due to a tactical oversight and had to be content with a draw through perpetual check: 3-1. But that was not so dramatic, as Szymon Pozimski on board 4 went over the full distance with Raymond Van Melsen (1800) in an ending with two pieces and a pawn vs. a rook and two pawns. Szymon managed to promote his remaining pawn, which cost White his rook. The pawns also fell. So in the end, Szymon had to show how to mate with the bishop and a knight – a task which he soberly fulfilled: 4-1. And finally, Mattias Johansson added some spice for the spectators in this game with Manolis Grigoriou (1867). Mattias had a comfortable advantage in the middlegame, converting it into an extra exchange plus pawn. However, Black still organised trouble with his dark-squared bishop and his queen – at some stage invading on g3. Mattias kept cool, sacrificed his bishop on g6 in return (!) and arrived at a won position after some further checks from Black had petered out. With this convincing 5-1 win, E 2 has climbed to the 2nd position in Division 3 D.

Europchess 3 concedes only one draw to Grimbergen 1

Playing in its new Iberian design, the third team made a good impression against Grimbergen 1. On the first board, Benjamin Alberola Mulet outplayed Herman Sneppe (2005) with a beautiful attack on the kingside. Luis Parreira gained some space advantage after the opening with Black against Diego Hock (1957), which he successfully used in the middlegame: 2-0. On the third board, José Maria Ramos Florido’s opponent, Guy Ringoir (1858) made an exchange sacrifice on c3, and snatched two pawns as compensation. However, José Maria kept the balance and a draw was agreed later on. Finally, despite a somewhat uncomfortable position with Black after the opening, Luis Busquets turned the tables on board 4 against Toon De True (1779). With this clear 3.5-0.5 win E 3 is now placed at a middle rank in Division 4 E.

Europchess 4 loses to Pantin 6

In a hard fought match Europchess 4 lost to Pantin 6. While Thanos Gkionis effortlessly overcame Jean-Michel De Landtsheer (1290) on the fourth board with Black, Helge Schröder had to give in on the 3rd board to Abanoub Boshra (1586). Jesper Abrahamsen arrived at complicated ending with a piece for 3 disconnected pawns, and offered a draw to Andreas Pauckstadt (1792). So the match depended on Marcello Ranucci’s game on the 1st board against Emmanuel Cousin (1804). Marcello had an extra pawn on the queenside, but Black’s pieces were more active, and when time got short after time control White lost.

Europchess 5 prevails over Leuven 5

The fifth team took the lead when the opponent of Robert Prylinksi on the first board forfeited his point. On the third board, Angeliki Dedopoulou added another point with a beautiful combination against Ivo Van Hoeyvelt (1100). With Roberto Teichner’s draw on the fourth board against Ehsan Aishajiang (1098) the match points were then secured, notwithstanding the fact that Bruno Gatta had to give in on the 2nd board against Aysajan Abidin (1432).

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