Belgian Blitz Championship 2018

Mark Ouaki wins <1900 category +++ Luis Parreira and Johannes Bertram with low performances +++

SK Dworp organised on Saturday, 22 September 2018, its 5th Memorial Debast, which counted as in the previous year as Belgian Blitz Championship. IM Stéphane Hautot defended his title with 11/13. Among the three Europchess participants, Mark Ouaki played best: with 8 points, he finished 26th and won the <1900 category. Not so well in that category did Johannes Bertram and Luis Parreira who scored 6/13, finishing 80th and 87th.

Mark went on to play also the FEFB Rapid championship the next day in Anderlues, where he finished again 26th but with a more medium performance of 1687.

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