Tonoli Memorial 2018

Mixed results for a quartet of Europchess players at the 12th Tonoli Memorial in Anderlecht.

Georgi Tomov achieved another strong result finishing 10th out of 130 participants. In fact, after beating IMs François Godart and Stéphane Hautot, he was leading the tournament after round 7 with 6.5 points. Then however, he lost in the last two rounds. His last round opponent Thibault Real won the tournament as only player with 8/9.

Carlo Russian performed more or less on the level of his rating and scored 5.5/9.

Martin Müller had a number of draws against lower-rated opponents and so his performance (5/9; perf 1901) fell somewhat short of his level.

Last but not least, Luis Parreira scored 4.5/9, but performed on a very good level (1897). In fact, he started with a strong 3/3, including a win against FM Walter Tonoli (who finished nonetheless in 5th place), but then he faced strong opposition and was brought back to earth with three consecutive defeats.


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