Europchess is ready for the Interclubs 2009/2010!

Europchess is ready for the Interclubs 2009/2010 with three teams and more players!

After the great success of our first year with two teams moving from 5th to 4th division, Europchess will participate with three teams in the new competition. It is our great pleasure to announce that we have been considerably strengthened for this. FM Tom Wiley (ELO 2287), Pere Moles Palleja (ELO 2166) and Eduardo Semanat Planas (ELO 2127) will reinforce Frank Hoffmeister, József Barta, Jenö Czuczai, José Maria Ramos Florido and Paavo Palk. The first team will thus have a great number of available players all with a playing strength above ELO 2000.

The second team will continue with our collegues from Woluwé (Larry Graham, Raymond van Melsen, Nicolas Rauta, Jens Frederiksen, Phillipe Mariamé and Colin Gilbert).

The newly founded third team under the leadership of Kristian Pade Frederiksen and Thomas Brinkmann will count on, inter alia, the new members Milán Pein, Matias Johansson, Emanuel Jankowski, Paris Sansoglou in addition to Sergio Serrano Samper and Serge Le Gal and with some more members in reserve.

Europchess is thus well prepared to repeat its precedent from last year, i.e. moving up in all three classes!

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