Brugse Meesters 2018

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From 12 to 16 August 2018, another strong open in Belgium attracted several Europchess players. 220 players gathered in Bruges for the “Brugse Meesters”, among them many strong players from abroad, for example larger groups of Chinese and Indian players.

Europchess was represented by FM Georgi Tomov, Martin Müller, Paula-Alexandra Gitu, and Mark Ouaki. Their results were mixed and partly conditioned if not distorted by the accelerated pairing system applied at this tournament.

Georgi continued in the strong shape already demonstrated in the FEFB Individual championship this spring. Draws against GM Alexandre Dgebuadze (Belgium, 2511) and GM Jayson Gonzales (Philippines, 2383) and a win against IM Migchiel de Jong (Netherlands, 2339) were his highlights. Against 5 titled opponents (3 GM, 1 IM, 1 FM), he scored 50% and his only loss of the tournament came against the No. 2 seed, GM Zeng Chongsheng (China, 2539). With excellent 6.5/9 he finished 7th.

Mark had a very good start: due to the pairing system he was paired against players in the lower half of the seeding list and he took advantage of this by scoring 5 out of 6! 4 wins against clearly higher rated opponents (around or over 1800) should produce a neat gain in Elo points. Obviously, then he had to face very strong opposition and lost to overall 3rd IM Rajesh Vav (India, 2325), and Georgi. Also in the last round he would have had a very difficult task against a >2100 player, but as his opponent forfeited the game, the free win propelled him to a 6/9 finish on 16th place and 1st in the <1600 category!

Martin’s tournament took a curious development due to the pairing system. Due to his late registration and maybe also due to his frequent name, the organisers did not identify him correctly with this FIDE ID, but registered him as unrated at the very bottom of the starting list. This meant that he had to play against much lower rated opponents during the first half of the tournament. After 3.5/5, he finally met stronger opposition. After a loss against an FM in Round 6, he beat Mart Nabuurs (Netherlands, 2248) and followed up with two more draws against >2100 players. In the end 5.5 points were good for 34th place.

Paula scored 5.5 points as well, but was probably less satisfied with her results of the Charleroi tournament. After an unexpected loss in the opening round, she did not face any opponents that had a comparable rating to hers, and until the last round, all results were the expectable ones : 5 wins against much lower rated opponents and 2 losses against strong players (WGM Janelle Mae Frayna, 2278, Thomas Villiers, 2164). She finished the tournament though with a draw against Manuel Günnigmann (Germany, 2216).

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