Intercercles FEFB 2018 – Round 4 – Europchess champions!

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The 2018 FEFB Intercercles ended with a big success for Europchess! For the second time in its history Europchess won the Championship!

The victorious team with trophy (Frank Hoffmeister, Georgi Tomov, Tim Binham, Pere Moles Palleja)

The first team was slightly lagging behind Amay 1 and needed a clear win to maintain chances for the title.

On board 3, Frank Hoffmeister played with Black against Tagumpay Gravidez (1793) from CREB 1. White played a symmetric opening line and got an equal middle game position. However, Frank could create some imbalance and once he took control over the e-file, he could push for an advantage. White first lost a pawn, and when his queen was trapped he resigned.

Here Pere played the interesting 1...g5!? followed by Bg7 and b5

Afterwards, Pere Moles Palleja (Black) won on board 4 against Benjamin Maltier (EDC) (1633). His opponent play very well the opening reaching a Benoni-like structure that looked very promising for White. However, with an interestingpositional pawn sacrifice, Pere got good compensation, getting control of the long dark diagonal and the a column. White blundered and a bishop got trapped. Shortly afterwards, white blundered again and lost an exchange, and the game.

Georgi Tomov on board 2 won a pawn in the early middlegame against Yousif Eid (CREB). He entered an endgame and accepted opposite coloured bishops to cash in a second pawn. With impeccable technique he then converted his material plus as Black was unable to guard a passed f-pawn and a passed a-pawn at the same time.

With this result, we just needed another draw, as Amay had finished with 2.5-1.5 only. However, Tim Binham could safely play for a win in a roughly equal rook ending. His more active king and rook allowed him to create a passed b-pawn which decided the day a couple of moves later. With this neat 4-0 Europchess became FEFB champion for a second time after 2016!

The second team avoided relegation from Division 3 by pocketing 3.5 points against Gilly 2 and EDC 2, to finish in 6th place.

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