Luis Parreira triumphs at BCC’s Winter Open!

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During the first four months of 2018, Brussels Chess Club held as usual a weekly tournament on Mondays and this time it ended with a splendid and clear victory by Luis Parreira. Although there were many players rated higher than Luis or similar, his 11/13 points let him finish 2.5 points clear of the second place. Luis remained unbeaten with 9 wins and 4 draws and reached an impressive tournament performance of 2101. Our second participating member, Marcello Ranucci, performed slightly above his rating and ended the tournament in 10th place, with 6/11. Our friend from the European Parliament, Tom Jayes finished 13th with 5.5/9.

(total: 68 players)

After the prize-giving, 37 players fought out a FIDE-rated blitz tournament, where Luis and Marcello more or less confirmed their form. Luis finished 4th with a good 7.5/11, performance 1961, and Marcello 12th with 6/11, performance 1810. The winner was Axel Harutyunyan (1923) with 9.5/11.

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