7th Brussels rapid international tournament

Europchess members in action

Europchess members in action

There are very few international chess events in Belgium and even less in Brussels. This rapid event stands out as a good example. This was already the 7th edition of this tournament organised by CREB, the Royal Chess Club of Brussels. There were quite a few strong players, the ELO average of the TOP 20 was 2400. Overall 103 players registered and five of them were Europchess members! The best results were achieved by Tom Wiley (21st place:  7/11 points 2264 perf) and Frank Hoffmeister (29th place: 6.5/11 points 2053 perf). The winner of the event was Ivan Sokolov a clear point ahead of the rest:

 1  Sokolov Ivan           (2657N) 9.0/11 2684
 2  Akesson Ralf           (2479N) 8.0/11 2565
 3  Nikolic Predrag        (2623N) 8.0/11 2587
 4  Barsov Alexei          (2505N) 8.0/11 2536
 5  Andersson Ulf          (2571N) 8.0/11 2562
See the full table here.

Europchess members have played some nice games like Kristian’s victory over IM Amigues in the first round!

You can replay them by following this link…

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