Intercercles FEFB 2018 – Round 1

FEFB Round 1: Europchess welcomes 200 Wallonian chess players

Frank welcoming the participants

On 21 January 2018, Europchess hosted the first round of the Wallonian club championships (FEFB – intercercles). On behalf of the club, President Frank Hoffmeister welcomed the players in the inter-institutional centre at Overijse. He remarked that our club participated in the championships for several years now and was willing to contribute to the well-functioning of the event by also hosting it for the first time. All players payed applause to Luis Carlos Busquets and Vladymyr Dedobbeleer who have taken organised the venue and prepared it together with other volunteers. And indeed, the atmosphere turned out to be very accommodating, getting the praise from many other players.

Europchess 1 starts with comfortable wins against Charleroi 2 and T.A.L. 1

In the first mini-match, Europchess 1 players faced boards 1 and 4 from Charleroi 2. Georgi Tomov on the first board soon neutralised the tame opening of Santiago Gregorio (1776) with Black. White’s attacking chances on the kingside got stuck, while Georgi opened up the lines against White’s king over the b-file. A wonderful rook sacrifice on b2 exposed White’s king, whereafter Georgi quickly cashed in the full point. On board 4, Milan Beles outplayed Gerard Belgeonne (1558) with White. He gained space in the opening and then won a piece in the middlegame against two pawns. This compensation was never enough, and Milan converted the endgame as a matter of routine. On the third board of T.A.L Benjamin Alberola Mulet faced Michael Henry (1744) with White. In a sharp line of the opening his queen got a bit into muddy waters, so that Benjamin accepted a draw offer of his opponent in the early middlegame. Frank Hoffmeister played with Black against Alexandre Cypers (1776) a risky line, accepting a king’s attack. However, White’s forces were repulsed with force so that Frank could first win an important central pawn on e5 and later on the game.

Georgi Tomov

Milan Beles

Frank Hoffmeister

Europchess 2 collects 1.5 points from Leuze-en-Hainaut and Anderlues

The second mini-match went also fairly well. On the 2nd board, Luis Busquets outplayed Alan Meulenyzer (1618) in an unconventional opening set-up. Black’s king got stuck in the centre and despite the exchange of queens, he could not manage to defend against Luis’ numerous tactical threats. Also his neighbour on the 3rd board, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer got the better side after the opening with Black against Christian Henrotte (1609), getting two connected passed pawns on the a- and b-file. However, he missed a tactical trick losing material and the game in the late middlegame. On board 4 Mark Ouaki made his début against Constant Clerquin (1596). He showed nice combinational chess in the middlegame and won two pawns. However, the ending was difficult to win and after an inaccurate quick move the game ended in a draw. On the first board, Luis Parreira snatched a pawn in the opening from Thibault Réal (2200) and consolidated his position well. However, in the middlegame, he miscalculated a forced line leading quickly to his demise.

Mark Ouaki & Luis Parreira

Luis Busquets

Vladymyr Dedobbeleer

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