Interclubs 2017-2018 – Round 5

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Westerlo 1 – Europchess 1  :  1.5 – 6.5  +++  LSV-Chesspirant 1 – Europchess 2  :  4.5 – 1.5  +++  Caissa Europe 2 – Europchess 3  :  3 – 1  +++  The Belgian CC 4 – Europchess 4  :  1 – 3  +++

Round 5: Some sunlight in winter times

+++ In the fifth round, the 1st and 4th team took full match points to keep their 2nd and 1st place in their respective divisions. However, E 2 and E 3 were both overrun by stronger teams.

Europchess 1 outclasses Westerlo 1

Playing at Westerlo, the first team fulfilled its role as favourite against the team which had been promoted from Division 3 this year. Eduardo Semanat Planas gave the direction, when he declined with Black a draw offer from Jan Van Der Auwera (1763) on board 7. In a firmly blocked position in the centre, he launched a king’s attack over the h-file and won with a nice tactical trick.

Unfortunately, Matija Šušković had to resign around the same time on board 5 with Black against Sven Gorts (1894). He had lost some time in the opening which allowed his opponent to open the f-file with tempo and then misplaced a bishop on f7. This allowed White first to increase the positional pressure and then to win material.

But this turned out to be the only setback for the team. On board 1, Rossen Rusev got out of the opening with a superior position with Black against Maurice Peek (2347). With a nice pawn sacrifice, he opened a diagonal for his queen to invade White’s position and to win two pawns. However, White could then regain his lost material when Rossen got short of time and the two players signed a peace treaty after the time control in an equal position.

In the fourth game with Black Timothy Binham played his usual sharp line on board 3 against Tim Peeters (1985). Although Tim was a pawn down, his pieces had superior activity and he held the initiative for the entire queenless middle-game. In mutual time trouble Tim then launched a double attack on the king- and queenside, which gained him the full point.

With this comfortable 2.5-1.5 from the Black boards, the White boards added a clean 4-0. First, Martin Müller on board 8 played against the doubled-pawn structure from Francis Goossens (1709) in a long manoeuvring game. He exchanged Black’s most active pieces and went for an ending with rook/knight v. rook/knight where his jumping knight first won a pawn and then the full point.

Second, Georgi Tomov finished a sharp game on board 2 against Stief Gijsen (2147). After a clam opening and a strategic struggle, the position opened up with both sides going after the opponent’s king. Despite a permanent mating threat on g2, Georgi’s plan proved more dangerous. Black eventually had to cede material and arrived in a lost ending.

On board 4, Frank Hoffmeister started an opening debate with Steven Bellens (1967) who chose a sharp sideline. Both players being out of book on move 10, they had to calculate a lot of tactics in the next five moves, out of which Frank came out with an exchange up. Black then got some compensation through active piece play, but when Frank gave back the exchange for an extra passed a-pawn, the rook/knight 5 P v. rook/bishop 4 P ending was winning easily after time control.

Equally Tom Wiley brought home the full point on board 6 against Patrick Den Hond (1810). Tom had won a pawn in the middlegame, but it turned out to be difficult to convert this advantage. He then gave it back to simplify to a pure pawn-endgame where Tom’s protected passed pawn on e5 carried the day.

With this comfortable 6.5-1.5 win, Europchess 1 defended its second rank in Division 2 B.

Europchess 2 suffers defeat from Chesspirant

Travelling to Merelbeke, the second team only scored 3 draws this Sunday. On the first board, Olafur Hannesson made quick peace with Ward Van Eetvelde (2186) after having equalised the opening fairly easily with Black. On the second board, though, Mattias Johansson came in trouble against William Boudry (2039) with White. Black’s passive set-up in the opening did not hinder him from launching a dangerous kingside attack which proved successful. Also Luis Parreira on board three had to give in against Lennart De Bock (2038). Luis lost a pawn in the opening in a doubtful line and White simply kept it until the end of the game despite Luis’ brave attempts to hold up his destiny. On the fourth board Thanos Gkionis launched a fierce attack against Joris Verhelst (2037). However, his piece sacrifice proved to be not enough, and in the end Black’s extra-material decided the game. On the two last boards, though, Kristian Frederiksen (against Steven Labieze, 1790) and Marcello Ranucci (against Stef Bondroit, 1538) achieved two just draws. This 1.5-4.5 defeat pushed the second team back to Rank 8 in Division 3 B.

Mons 2 beats Europchess 3

Europchess 3 met several challenges this Sunday in Mons. First, the Sunday market was a full success for the market participants, but at the same time all street accesses were closed for chess players. This in turn, created delays in arriving to the club venue. Second, some players in the adversary team had to prepare for exams. However, instead of being weakened, they unexpectedly turned out to be strengthened! On the first board, Hassan Semlali (2088), who had not played before, brought a correct piece sacrifice against Benjamin Alberola. When he earned it back with interest, the game was lost. Vladymyr, who had arrived with a 15 minutes delay because of the Sunday market, got a playable position with Black on board 3. However, the position deteriorated in strong zeitnot against Dorian Godart (1793). Vladymyr also forgot to note down a move in the annotation sheet, which led him to a fatal confusion on move 40, when his position collapsed. On board 2, Jose Maria Ramos Florido got an advantage against Angel Kaleb Akuatse (1794) in the middlegame. However, when the position turned into a pawn ending with 5 pawns each, Black had the upper hand. Only on the last board, Nikos Zaimis saved the honours of the team. He defeated Kyriakos Pitropakis (1632) with a nice king attack. Europchess 3 is now at the cellar of Division 4 F and needs to mobilise forces in 2018, while 2 Fous du Diogènes has already forfeited the entire season.

Europchess 4 tops Belgian Chess Club 4

The fourth team won again! This time, our squad took two draws on the top boards with Jesper Abrahamsen playing Stephane Hendrickx (1775) and Bruno Gatta against Fabrice Roblet (1645). In return, Sergio Serrano Samper defeated with Black on board 3 Johan Smeyers (1500), while Dag Holter outplayed with White Edwige Souweine (1150). With this nice victory, Europchess 4 has become the winter champion in Division 5 B together with Dworp 2.

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