Interclubs 2016-2017 – Round 6

Europchess 1 – Amay 2  :  5 – 3  +++  Europchess 2 – Pantin 1  :  3 – 3  +++  Europchess 3 – Pantin 2  :  1 – 3  +++  Europchess 4 – Pantin 3  :  1.5 – 2.5


Round 6: Good prospects for 2017

+++  In the first round of the new year, the first team beat Amay 2 and the second team held a good draw against Pantin 1. E 3 and E 4 lost, though, to the much higher rated teams of Pantin 2 and Pantin 3, respectively.

Europchess 1 convincingly beats Amay 2

After a bad first half of the season, the first team was under some pressure to score the two match points against Amay 2, a team from the lower half of the table. And indeed, the right tone was set on the lower boards with a comfortable win of Martin Müller on board 8 with Black against Yvan Scharapow (1777). After a symmetrical opening, Martin outplayed his opponent on the queenside by first creating weaknesses and then cashing in material: 1-0.

On the neighbouring board 7, Pere Moles Palleja followed for some time the game Rapport-Carlsen from Wijk an Zee 2017 (!) with White. But then he improved by creating pressure on the kingside, rather than manoeuvring on the queenside. His opponent Pierre Wolf (1819) did not find the right defence and was finally subdued in a successful king’s attack: 2-0.

Unfortunately, the same fate also happened to Benjamin Alberola on board 6. After having castling on opposite wings, Patrick Nauts (2020) attacked Benjamin’s king on the queenside. Benjamin courageously took a piece at the right moment, but later on opened lines again which allowed White to prevail in the end. On board 5, Matija Suskovic played a nice game with White against Philippe Da Ces (2031). He got the better chances out of the opening with more space and better development. In the middlegame, Matija then won the exchange and afterwards the full point.

With this 3:1 from the lower boards, Tom Wiley could give an easy draw with White against Stefan Bien (2151) on board 3. The players had exchanged a couple of pieces in an equal position and then agreed on a draw when only the queens, one pair of rooks and a minor piece were left with stable pawn structures on both sides.

Unfortunately, Georgi Tomov then had to resign on the second board with Black against Marcel Thirion (2158). Georgi had always the initiative on the kingside and produced a very strong passed pawn on f3. However, at some stage White’s queen invaded Georgi’s king position and picked up a full rook, which proved decisive.

This left the match with Frank Hoffmeister defending with Black against Pierre Munster (2050) on board 4 and Carl Buhr attacking with White against Kevin Noiroux (2182). Frank had slipped with inaccurate play on the kingside into a very passive position, where White dominated the centre with tripled heavy pieces on the open d-file. However, some stubborn defence allowed Frank to survive the most immediate threats. Surprisingly, the ending then offered some counter-chances, where Frank could regain his lost pawn and secure a draw. Carl could convert his middlegame advantage very convincingly. In the end, he was not only 2 pawns up, but could also launch a final assault against Black’s king. His victory thus brought a well-deserved 5:3 win for the team. Europchess 1 has thus moved a bit away from the lower parts of the table in Division 2 A, occupying now rank 8.

Europchess 2 holds a good draw against strong Pantin 1

Also the second team was ‘au fait’, facing Pantin 1, whose players had an average of over 2100 ELO points. Here, Olafur Hannesson made an early draw with Black against Thomas Mayr (2150) after an equal opening. On board 3, John Riksten went along a theoretical path with White against Thierry Thiteca (2128). Just before the board could have exploded with some fireworks, the players, though, decided to keep calm and shared the point. Then we scored the first win! Johannes was facing a pawn storm against on the kingside against Gregory Vanobbergh (2098). His defensive resources included a tactical trick winning the exchange and a pawn. After a forced exchange of queens the material advantage was decisive and White resigned. On the other hand, on the first board, Jozsef had snatched a pawn with White in the opening against Benjamin Collette (2178), but Black had compensation with more space and strong bishops. Jozsef defended well, but then lost an exchange due to a tactical trick. As his back-rank became too weak afterwards, the point went to his opponent, equalising the match. On board 5, Øyvind Bø played with White a rather positional set-up against Joachim Demoulin (2061). The latter could not find any way to create attacking targets and also accepted a draw. Playing Black on board 6, Kristian Frederiksen came out well from the opening against Yves Dohogne (2030). In the middlegame, it seemed that Kristian even had better chances, but the ending turned out to be equal. With this very good 3:3, Europchess 2 moved up to rank 6 in Division 3 B.

Europchess 3 suffers unfortunate loss to Pantin 2

The third team had good chances against Pantin 1, but the match took an unfortunate turn in zeitnot. On board 2, Luis Parreira with Black played Antoine Jacobs (1913). Luis attacked in the middlegame, but later on lost material. In the ending his rook was inferior to Jacobs’ two knights who supported the advance of his pawns, taking the full point. On the first board, José Maria Ramos Florido got a strong attack with White against Nicolae Atanasiu (2000), who had chosen an unorthodox set-up with Black. José Maria sacrificed a pawn to open up Black’s king position and was on the verge of winning. However, in zeitnot he overlooked a counter-attack in which his own king was mated first. On board 3, Luis Busquets got a slight advantage out of the opening against Kaan Cappon (1831) due to his better pawn structure. However, Black always held the material balance and a draw was agreed. Vladymyr Dedobbeleer overplayed Samy Djerbou (1652) in a closed opening on board 4 and had good winning chances in the endgame. However, being down on the clock with less than 5 minutes, he then allowed a perpetual check, leading to another draw. With this 1-3 loss, Europchess 3 is back on the 7th rank in Division 4 G.

Europchess 4 shows strong resistance to Pantin 3

Meeting the leader of Division 5 F, Europchess 4 put up strong resistance. While Jesper Abrahamsen lost on board one against Simon Pleysier (1959), Serge Le Gal played a fine game on board two against Valentino Cargnelutti (1893). He created an unbalanced position with good attacking chances over the g-file against White’s castled king. This paid off with Serge taking the full point. On board 3, Bruno Gatta drew with White against Rodolphe De Merode (1820), while Benjamin Musall on board 4 had to give in against Raffaele Scoccianti (1799). This 1.5-2.5 ended E 4’s aspirations for the title, but was still a very good result given the high rating differences. Europchess 4 is now on rank 4 in Division 5 F.

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