Frank Hoffmeister and Tom Wiley dominate in Soignies

On 7 January 2017, the club “L’Echiquier de la Haute Senne” organised its eleventh annual “Fête des Rois” rapid chess tournament in the Wallonian town of Soignies.  The result this year was a rather convincing win for the Europchess participants.  Frank Hoffmeister and Tom Wiley both scored an undefeated eight points out of nine to take the top two prizes ahead of the rest of the field.  The nearest competitors were Julien Sclacmender, Adelin Godry and Nimrod Faybish, who all scored six and a half points.  Frank took first place on tie-break, which was fair because he faced tougher opposition in the last two rounds.  In particular, his win against Julien Sclacmender in Round 8 was decisive for the tournament result.  Let’s hope that the Haute Senne club will organise another rapid tournament next year, perhaps with even more participation from Europchess members.

Final standings:

56 players in total

Frank’s win against Julien Sclacmender:

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