Interclubs 2016-2017 – Round 5

CREB 1 – Europchess 1  :  4.5 – 3.5  +++  Brasschaat 2 – Europchess 2  :  3.5 – 2.5  +++  The Belgian CC 2 – Europchess 3  :  1.5 – 2.5  +++  DT Leuven 2 – Europchess 4  :  1.5 – 2.5  +++

Round 5: E 3 and E 4 in good form

+++ In the last round of the year, E 1 and E 2 had to suffer two hard defeats, while E 3 and E 4 took the better of it on a December afternoon.

Strengthened CREB 1 beats Europchess 1

In the 2nd division, E 1 met a CREB 1, which was strengthened with the strong Ukrainian player Stanislav Korotkjevich (2385), who travelled to Brussels with two promising young German players, the Suvorov brothers. However, Carl Buhr on the first board won with Black against Korotkjevich (2385), sealing the point after a long ending with opposite-coloured bishops.

Benjamin Alberola drew with Alex Suvorov (2059) and Martin Müller with Luca Suvorov (1959) on boards 5 and 8, respectively.

Tim Binham had a small edge for most of his game against Ruben Akhayan (2272) on the second board, but sadly lost on time when contemplating a complicated rook ending.

Tom Wiley, on board 4 played a poor opening against Luc Henris (2178), but dug in to reach a drawn pawn ending.

Pere Moles Palleja on board 6 agreed a short draw with our former team mate Jenö Czuczai (2049).

Unfortunately, Eduardo Semanat Planas had arrived late because of traffic problems and had to start his game against Yousif Eid (2010) with a 45 minutes time disadvantage.  This did not stop Eduardo from playing to win, but a tense position with both sides having connected passed pawns ended in favour of the CREB player. With another 3-4 score-line, as in the last match, Georgi Tomov then tried to play for the full point in an ending against Denis Luminet (2201) on board 3. However, the experienced CREB player held the position, leading to a final 3.5-4.5 loss for E 1. With just 2 match points scored, E 1 lingers on rank 9 in Division 2A.

Europchess 2 gives in to Brasschaat 2

In the second team, the top board Olafur Hannesson made a good draw with Black against Anthony Mitrain (2150) and John Riksten beat Mark De Smedt (2010). But Helge Ruotanen lost to Angelique Osinga (1972), as did Øyvind Bø to Melvin Holwijn (1971). In a symmetric position Luis Parreira tried to win against Hans Van Niewenhuizen (1873), but had to give in as well. With these three losses on the middle boards, Kristian Frederiksen’s win on the sixth board against Guy Baete (1801) did not switch the final result. With this narrow 2.5-3.5 loss E 2 further sunk to rank 8 in Division 3 B.

E 3 scores in Anderlecht

The third team scored an important win over Anderlecht 2. José Maria Ramos Florido got an advantage with Black against Regis Lanoye (2009) out of the opening. However, when he did not follow-up his attack in the best way, the tables changed during José Maria’s zeitnot. White then converted his advantage in a long ending. In return, Thanos Gkionis beat on board 3 Julien Campeert (1857) in a fine game. Also on the second board, Luis Busquets performed well. While being a pawn down, he held an ending with opposite coloured bishops and rooks on the board, blocking any advance of Sophie Brion (1881). Hence, the match depended on Julien Peyrebrune’s game on the 4th board against Philippe Brion (1834). Julien could have lost a bishop in a three-move combination, but instead his opponent left a rook en prise. Julien happily cashed this in material and won the game and the match. Europchess 3 is thus back with 5 matchpoints on a good middle rank 6 in Division 4 G.

E 4 beats DT Leuven 2

With another clean win, E 4 went back to rank 3 in Division 5 F. Jesper Abrahamsen (against Antonia Simek, 1457) and Alex Amelotti (against Maud Vandeputte, 1199) won. Bruno Gatta’s draw against Wout Verboven (1385) secured the match points, while Eric Taintenier lost to Bente Vandeputte (1198).

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