Interclubs 2016-2017 – Round 1

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Europchess 1 – Rochade Eupen 2 : 3.5 – 4.5 +++ Europchess 2 – Leuze 1 : 4 – 2 +++ Europchess 3 – Excelsior 1 : 3.5 – 0.5 +++ Europchess 4 – Humbeek 3 : 3 – 1 +++

Round 1: Good start into the new season

+++ For some unknown reason many people in Brussels decided to run through the city on the first chess Sunday rather than having a nice game of chess. So the Brussels marathon blocked a lot of streets and both our own security services and two invited teams were late. Luckily though, by 2.30 pm everything was on track and we lived through a couple of highly intensive battles.
Bad luck for Europchess 1 against Rochade Eupen 2

Europchess 1 hosted Rochade Eupen 2, which arrived with a good team of a 2100+ average. The match started well for us when Pere Moles Palleja on board 6 outplayed with Black Holger Telke (2119) after the opening. An early exchange of queens did not play out for White as Black’s minor pieces invaded the queenside. Pere then picked up two pawns and drove home the game comfortably.
Frank Hoffmeister on board 3 added a draw with White against FM Thomas Huesmann (2260). He gained the two bishops in the opening, hoping for a slight advantage. However, when Black was about to create counter-chances against Frank’s king on the queenside, White simplified the game. A draw was agreed as almost all pieces would be exchanged over the only open d-file.
Jozsef Barta on board 8 played an unusual opening and defended with Black a position with less space against Jean Havenith (1764). However, as White’s attacking chances were not too dangerous, the game also ended in a draw.
But then Rochade turned the page, with two White wins on board 2 from Xianliang Xu (2287) against Tom Wiley and on board 4 from Sven Muehlenhaus (2223) against Matija Suskovic. Tom had gotten a stable, but somewhat passive position with Black which crumbled after White opened up the position. Also Matija lacked a bit of space and when a crucial pawn on d6 was lost, he could not hold the game anymore.
Being 2-3 down, the eyes then turned to the remaining three players. On board 5, Benjamin Alberola Mulet had played a very sharp game with White against Sven Foerster (2203). Black had taken a pawn on the queenside in the opening, but Benjamin got attacking chances on the kingside. However, just before move 40, misery struck. Being short of time, Benjamin felt that he would lose his queen through a fork threatening mate at the same time and resigned. The post-mortem showed that he could have actually sacrificed his queen for a piece on f7 and gained back the queen on g4 with a knight fork on e5 afterwards.
Also Martin Müller on board 7 had good winning chances with White against Dieter Plumanns (2039) with opposite coloured bishops and an open h-file. However, Black kept his nerves and when Martin missed the best sequence, Black forced a perpetual check. This secured a 4.5-3.5 for Rochade, as on board 1 Georgi Tomov brought home his extra-pawn in a bishop ending against FM Dmitrii Marcziter. Georgi had played a fine game with White, building up some pressure in the middle game against a rather passive Black set-up. This first earned him a pawn and then the full point in his usual impeccable ending style. With this somewhat unlucky result, Europchess landed on rank 7 in Division 2 A.

Europchess 2 comfortably beats Leuze 1

In Division 3 B, Europchess 2 had a good start into the season. After two calm draws with Black from John Riksten on board 2 against André Dumont (2042) and Kristian Frederiksen on board 6 against Francis Knudde (1826), Johannes Bertram showed teeth on board 3 against Ludovic Hias (2004). After an exchange of queens the opposite coloured-bishops favoured him, as his monster on a3 prevented Black from castling and bringing in his second rook. Johannes lined up his rooks on the open b-file and spun a nice mating net against Black’s king.
Unfortunately, Luis Parreira then got into trouble with White on board 5 against Frederick Baguet (1874). Being down with a pawn in a rook plus opposite-coloured bishop ending seemed to offer some drawing chances. However, in the 6th hour, Luis overlooked a fork, which cost him the exchange and the game.
Luckily, Leuze somehow returned the favour on board 4. Here, Carlo Russian had gained an extra-pawn through a good middlegame pressure on the 7th rank with queen and rook, but then ended up in a difficult rook ending with 2-1 pawns. He gave up his g-pawn so that his king could support his passed c-pawn. With the help of his opponent Frederic Verschueren (1937), this proved successful: 3-2.
And finally, on the first board, Olafur Hannesson showed a strong endgame technique with White against Thibaut Réal (2068). He gave two pawns on the kingside to bring his b-pawn near to the promotion square. This cost Black his rook, and an unusual 3 pawns vs. rook endgame occurred. Oli then fixed the dynamic chances of Black and with a nice tempo-move made sure that one pawn after the other fell: 4-2. This nice win against Leuze 1 put the second team on the 4th rank in Division 3B.
Europchess 3 stronger than Excelsior 1

The third team was in equal good shape against Excelsior 1. On the fourth board, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer gained a piece with Black against Elvir Palazoski (1644), but ran into a strong attack on the kingside. He somehow survived and when the worst was over, his extra-material made the day. On board 3, also Luis Carlos Busquets won his game against Vadim Bancila (1702) with White. This gave a good precedent to his fellow Spaniard Jose Maria Ramos Florido on the first board against Carlos Onrubia-Aviles (1953). He accepted a slightly inferior pawn structure on the queenside, but got good prospects against Black’s king. In his usual Zeitnot, Jose Maria then led his attack to a victory: 3-0. This also relieved Edit Kollo on the second board. She suffered for a long time with a pawn down against Luc Lambert (1745) with Black. In the end, her stubborn defence paid off and she took a deserved draw. The 3.5-0.5 makes Europchess 3 a frontrunner in Division 4 G.

Europchess 4 imposes itself over Humbeek 3

In Division 5 F, Europchess 4 won against Humbeek 3 with 3-1. While Jesper Abrahamsen lost on the first board against Arno van Roy (1460), Thanos Gkionis (board 2), Nikos Zaimis (board 3) and Julien Peyrebrune (board 4) won their games against unrated talented youngsters.

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