Interclubs 2015-2016 – Round 6

Europchess 1 – Boitsfort 1  :  4.5 – 3.5  +++  Europchess 2 – LSV-Chesspirant  :  2 – 4  +++ Europchess 3 – Boitsfort  :  3 – 1  +++ Europchess 4 – Boitsfort 4  :  3.5 – 0.5 +++

Round 6: Europchess succeeds in local derby with Boitsfort  +++

In the sixth round, Europchess hosted three teams from Boitsfort and LSV Chesspirant. While we could celebrate victories in the local derby, the second team had to give in against the opponents from Ghent.

Europchess 1 scores narrow win over Boitsfort 1

With an ELO average of over 2150 ELO, Boitsfort 1 was certainly no easy opponent in the first match of the year. Indeed, two early draws from Jozsef Barta with White on board 5 against Eric van Uytven (2131) and from Tom Wiley with Black on board 2 against Marc Geenen (2244) proved the point. Jozsef had gotten no advantage out of the opening and ended up in a symmetrical ending with rook and one minor piece each, whereas Tom got a solid structure in a middle game where the chances would probably lie more with White than with Black. The first decided games then occurred at the lower part of the teams. Martin Müller on board 8 with Black suffered heavy defeat at the hands of Christophe Callier (2039), whose pawn storm on the kingside proved too strong. En revanche, Jozsef Molnár took advantage of a somewhat stranded Black queen on a3 and beautifully outplayed his opponent Pierre Hody (2047) on board 7. Unfortunately, another defeat followed on board 6, where Pere Moles Palleja had lost an important centre-pawn in the middle game and could not hold the ending against Denis-Emmanuel Philippe (2086). Importantly, on board 1, Carl Buhr then held Anvar Turdyev (2380) to a draw with the White pieces in a difficult rook ending. His half point basically catered for the full match point, as both Georgi Tomov and Frank Hoffmeister were on the road to victory against Bruno Lacroix (2216) and Mourad de Villers (2155) on boards 3 and 4, respectively. Georgi played a textbook example with White pressing against a backward pawn on d6 and making use of his white-square dominance over the f-file. When his heavy pieces were directed against Black’s helpless king, the victory was ensured. Frank took some risk by castling into a weakened queenside pawn formation, but gained an important pawn after a tactical oversight of his opponent. Once the dangers against his king were repulsed, the strong passed pawn proved decisive. With this 4.5-3.5 win, Europchess 1 maintains its 3rd rank in Division 2B.

Chesspirant stronger than Europchess 2

With Chesspirant 1, Europchess 2 hosted the second-ranked team of Division 3 B. However, nevertheless an interesting fight occurred. On board 4, Luis Parreira lost material against Timothy De Rycke (2066) in the middle-game and had to resign in the absence of any meaningful counter-play. However, on board 3, Kristian Frederiksen held Lennart De Bock (2107) to a good draw after having even gained an advantage after the opening. On the first board, Olafur Hannesson delivered a fascinating attacking game against Ward van Eetvelde (2191) who only escaped with a perpetual check. Unfortunately, José María Ramos Florido then lost with Black against Joris Verhelst (2108) on the second board after a tactical oversight. This left Ventsislav Petrov and Øyvind Bø with the young brothers Dries (1574) and Klaus (1572) van Malder. Both our players had good winning chances, but the endings turned out to be drawn. With this 2-4 loss, Europchess 2 is now put back in the middle of the Division.

Europchess 3 prevails over Boitsfort 2

In an important match in the fight against relegation, Europchess 3 took the two matchpoints from Boitsfort. First, on board 4, Carlo Russian profited from a blunder of Yves Van Mol (1518) after an equal opening. Two safe draws from Vladymyr Dedobbeleer on board 3 against Yves Herpigny (1698) and from Jesper Abrahamsen on board 3 against Alain Silovy (1754) followed. This turned eyes towards Mattias Johansson on the first board with White against Michael Thiel (1863). Mattias gained a slight opening advantage with a strongly posted knight on d5, but suffered in the following middlegame. When the game transformed into a queen ending his advanced pawn proved, though, to be more dangerous than Black’s two extra pawns, winning the game and the match for Europchess 3. With these two additional points, Europchess 3 has moved further away from the cellar of the Division 4 B.

Europchess 4 dominates Boitsfort 4

With three nice wins from Thanos Gkionis, Jeremy Rand and Nikolaj Abrahamsen and a draw from Bruno Gatta, Europchess 4 produced a nice final victory in the local derby with Boitsfort. On board 1, Thanos engaged in a crucial king’s attack against Sylvain Travers (1447), securing an important first point. Jeremy followed with a full point as Black on board 2 against Michael Heynsmans (1393), when the latter left a full piece en prise in an already difficult position. Nikolaj outplayed Tadeas Hanzl (1050) on board 4, and Bruno agreed a draw with Fernand Simon (1356) before reaching a pawn ending that might have proven difficult to hold. This 3.5-0.5 win brings Europchess 4 again to the upper half of the table in Division 5 J.

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