Interclubs 2015-2016 – Round 3

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Zottegem 2 – Europchess 1 : 2.5 – 5.5  +++  Lasne-Waterloo 1 – Europchess 2 : 2 – 4  +++  Epicure 1 – Europchess 3 : 2.5 – 1.5  +++  Zottegem 7 – Europchess 4 : 2.5 – 1.5 +++

Round 3: Light and Shadow in early November  +++

Europchess 1 outplays Zottegem 2

Located in a somewhat remote place near the countryside, Zottegem 2 hosted the match against our 1st team. Their de-facto first team is composed of a young team of promising players, including three around 2300 ELO in the first boards. So, the Sunday afternoon promised to be a hard match. Reassuringly, though, E 1 never faced real problems on the board.

Early on, Pere Moles Palleja made a draw on board 6 against Ruben Smekens (2102), when a calm opening led to a totally balanced middle game. True, Tom Wiley then had to give in on the second board with Black against Roel Hamblok (2295) as he got into a worse middlegame after an ill-conceived exchange on e5. White then diligently turned his advantage into a full point with a correct sacrifice a couple of moves later.

However, Radu Stoenescu on board 7 outplayed with Black Nele Vanhuyse (2070) in a sharp line. After two captures on c3 and b2, his b-pawn was threating permanent promotion, and at the same time Radu pressured over the g-file and with a strong b7-bishop against White’s king. A nice rook sacrifice on g2 forced White’s resignation: 1.5-1.5.

On board 1, Carl Buhr got into a passive position after the opening against Glen De Schampheleire (2323) where White had space advantage and some pressure on the queenside. However, Carl’s position was stable enough, and with fine play he forced a repetition of moves: 2-2.

Timothy Binham on the second board played another attacking game with White against Adrian Roos (2300) and got very good chances against Black’s underdeveloped position. However, in the ensuing complications Black defended well. When more and more material was swapped off the board, a draw was agreed: 2.5-2.5.

All these half-points were also important from a tactical point of view, as the remaining three boards looked rather good for us. And indeed, on board 5, Frank Hoffmeister with Black forced the long-castled king of Willem Van Melkebeke (2103) back into the centre, and when the files opened up in White’s zeitnot, Frank’s opponent could not prevent the decisive loss of material: 3.5-2.5.

Georgi Tomov on board 4 with White had worked out a small but enduring advantage after the opening with White against Wouter Ghyselen (2133) and took the full point with superior endgame play. Finally, Martin Müller added another point with White on board 8. He had pressured Yasseen De Herdt (1993) the entire game on the queenside and then won a pawn on the kingside with a tactical trick. In the end, Black gave a piece for two pawns, but Martin’s passed pawn on the a-file made the race. With this convincing 5.5-2.5 Europchess maintains the third rank in Division 2 B.

Europchess 2 beats Lasne-Waterloo

Europchess 2 scored its third win in a row with a clear 4-2 (no draws) in Lasne-Waterloo. In a sharp game on the second board, Olafur Hannesson outplayed with White Alain Wettach (1960). Olafur got a strong attack in the early middlegame that eventually led to mate.

Mattias Johansson took the full point on the third board from André Vausort (1854) also in a sharp game where White had sacrificed a piece for three pawns. Both players had good chances; however, Mattias’ extra piece was eventually decisive. 2-0 to Europchess.

Jozsef Molnar with Black on board 1 had an equal position in his game against Michel Wettach (2109). However, White could gradually improve his position and eventually take the full point. Shortly after that John Riksten blundered his queen on board 4 in a winning position against Benoit Lheureux (1843). The match was then at 2-2.

Europchess 2 could then take the lead again after Luis Parreira won against Thierry Bamps (1608) on board six. Luis gained the initiative from the beginning with his opponent opting for passive moves. Instead of taking an extra piece, Luis allowed Black to defend all threats and even gain one exchange in the process. Taking advantage of the passive play from his opponent, white recovered the exchange and achieved a better ending that was converted easily.

The last game to finish was Svetlozar Andreev’s on board five. He managed to get an advantage in the middlegame against Marc Chung Choong Lon (1846) which he gradually increased. Svetlozar could take the full point after very nice endgame play.

Europchess 3 puts up good resistance against Epicure 1

In Ganshoren, Europchess 3 faced another nominally much stronger team in Epicure 1, but put up good resistance. While Luis Busquets with Black on the first board got beaten by Pierre Robert (2096), Ventsislav Petrov played a very good draw with White against the experienced Philippe Lombart (2003). On the third board, Carlo Russian beat Luc Herman (1879) in a fine game. However, on board 4, Alex Amelotti could not hold against Jean-Marie Piron (1739). With no match points to date, Europchess 3 is in the cellar of the division, but can already come back next time when facing the roughly equal team of Woluwé.

Europchess 4 unlucky against Zottegem 7

Equally, E 4 had to give in against Zottegem 7. Nikolaj Abrahamsen scored a nice point on board 4 against Anton Vanhauwere (1211) and Bruno Gatta played a draw with Charle Goossens (1401). Unfortunately, though, both Jesper Abrahamsen and Thanos Gkionis lost their games to Hans Temmerman (1729) and Tim Ghyselen 1547), respectively. The narrow defeat brings E 4 on rank 6 in Division 5 J.

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