Interclubs 2014-2015 – Round 9

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Europchess 1 – Amay 2  :  7 – 1  +++  Europchess 2 – Boitsfort 1  :  0.5 – 5.5  +++  Europchess 3 – DT Leuven  :  3 – 1  +++  Europchess 4 – Boitsfort 3  :  1.5 – 2.5  +++

Round 9: The dance continues


Europchess 1 outplays Amay 2


The first team was set against Amay 2, whose first team is currently leading the first division. As their strongest players were playing for the title there, we were favourites against a team with an average of roughly 2000 ELO. The events on the board followed that trend rather dramatically. Playing with White on the top board against Marcel Thirion (2156), Carl Buhr organised a deadly attack against the Black king in the early middlegame with a beautiful rook sacrifice. His opponent had to give the Queen to avoid mate which basically sealed his fate: 1-0.

On board 5, Jozsef Barta followed with another point against Marc Dambiermont (2000). In a calm queenless middlegame Joszef got some space advantage and won Black’s h7-pawn over the open h-file. Trading the rest of the pieces, Jozsef arrived at a pawn ending, which he duly won: 2-0.

Tom Wiley on the 3rd board delivered the third win with White: His opponent Stefan Bien (2116) chose a passive set-up in a standard opening, allowing Tom to win two pawns through a fulminant kingside attack. Later on, the opponents simplified the position and Tom’s material advantage decided the game: 3-0.

Of course, Martin Müller with White did not want to stand behind. On the 7th board, his opponent Pierre Munster (1985) resigned when Martin – after an unusual opening struggle – opened up the position against the Black king on the queenside, allowing his pieces to invade the castled position: 4-0.

What about the black boards then? Well, on board 6, Eduardo Semanat Planas took some risk, allowing Philippe da Ces (1987) to scatter his pawn structure on the kingside. But Eduardo got compensation with the two bishops. White then sacrificed a piece, but this did not pay off as Black kept the position under control and converted his material advantage: 5-0.

On board 8, Jozsef Molnar played a long game against Bernard Visse (1685). The position looked pretty equal after the opening, but in the middlegame, Jozsef slowly took over. He then found a good transition into a won queen ending, providing us with another point: 6-0.

This left Frank Hoffmeister and Georgi Tomov, playing on board 4 against Patrick Nauts (2067) and on board 2 against Jürgen Schäfer (2141), respectively. Frank got the better chances with Black in a closed middlegame and tried to play for a win by giving a knight for two passed pawns. However, he missed the right continuation, when he could have got back the piece with interest and was probably losing. After time control though, a clever resource allowed to give perpetual check with his two rooks: 6.5-0.5.

Georgi tried hard to win with Black in a rather colourless opening and middlegame. When the opponents arrived at a rook and bishop vs rook and knight ending, Georgi seemed to get an advantage on the queenside. However, White showed great endgame abilities and held the draw, which was only agreed once all material had disappeared from the board: 7-1. With this convincing win, Europchess has kept its lead in Division 2 A.

Europchess 2 with no chance against Boitsfort 1

The Division leader Boitsfort 1 took no risk when coming to us with six strong players, counting an average of 2179 ELO. This translated into a wholly deserved 5.5-0.5 win for the guest team. On the first board, IM Bruno Carlier (2448) organised a strong attack on John Riksten’s king, which decided the middlegame, as John’s counterplay in the queenside had no bite to divert Black’s forces: 0-1.

Mattias Johansson defended for a long time in a passive position against Bruno Lacroix (2212) on the second board. White traded the pieces in a clever way, so that in the ensuing Queen+bishop ending Black’s open king position was a fatal liability: 0-2.

Piotr Rapacz on the sixth board held the opening against Jenö Czuczai (2064), but underestimated the force of White’s bishops. This cost him first the exchange and then the full point: 0-3.

Luis Miguel Parreira on the fourth board got into a difficult position with Black against Eric van Uytven (2134) when he had to put his h8-rook on g8, but somehow consolidated by castling queenside. White could nevertheless keep on pressuring over the open b-file and won the game: 0-4.

On the third board Johannes Bertram had achieved a satisfactory position with White against Mourad de Villers (2148) after the opening with an early exchange of queens and two minor pieces. Unfortunately, he allowed Black to get some play with the remaining pieces on the kingside and got finally defeated: 0-5.

In this situation, Kristian Frederiksen saved the point of honour by drawing with Pierre Hody (2068). Kristian always held a small plus in a complicated strategic middle-game. When the players converted into a rook ending, he missed his chance to get a winning position and Black defended well to force a draw. Despite this clear loss, E 2 is still fine in Division 3 C.

Europchess 3 takes two important points from DT Leuven

Faced with the youngster’s team of DT Leuven, E 3 had to score a team victory to get out of the danger zone in Division 4 F. This mission was accomplished by three wins and one loss. On the first board, José María Ramos Florido played his pet variation with White against Natan Pirard (1718). The latter could not stop the masterly attack against his king: 1-0. Also Vladymyr Dedobbeleer imposed himself over Iris Verstraeten (1664). In a calm middlegame he collected a number of small advantages à la Steinitz and then won the game by making use of Black’s weaknesses. 2-0. In return, Luis Busquets Perez had to give in against Vincent Maesschalck (1681), who created a passed pawn on the queenside to win the pawn ending. In a long struggle Øyvind Bø added the winning point on board 4 with Black against Stefan-Daniel Gheorghiu (1654). White had tried a fianchetto system which did not bring him anything. Øyvind thus took control over the position, and when he invaded White’s ranks he gained material and the point. This 3-1 was an important win for the team which is now with 8 points in safe distance from relegation in Division 4 F.

Europchess 4 loses narrowly to Boitsfort 3

Benefitting from a forfeit on the first board, the fourth team was set for a good result against Boitsfort 3. However, on the second board, Jeremy Rand suffered a defeat from Christophe Cottenier (1895), who used his queenside advantage to gain material and the game. Equally, Yves Herpigny (1726) outplayed Paris Sansoglou with White in a sharp opening, where Paris could not defend f2 early on. Bravely, Nikolai Abrahamsen held a draw with Black against David Kusman (1653), but the team victory went to Boitsfort with 1.5-2.5.

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