Interclubs 2014-2015 – Round 6

Europchess 1 – Eynatten 2  :  5.5 – 2.5  +++  Europchess 2 – Humbeek 1  :  4.5 – 1.5  +++  Europchess 3 – Woluwe 1  :  2 – 2  +++  Europchess 4 – Anderlues 1  :  2.5 – 1.5  +++

Promising start into 2015

Europchess 1 beats Eynatten 2 with safe hand

The first team met Eynatten 2, a team whose composition changes every round. This time, our opponents did not come with their strongest formation. Moreover, on board 6, they forfeited a board with White, providing Martin Müller with an afternoon off. This early advantage then set the further development of the match. Playing Black on board 8, Svetlozar Andreev got under pressure from Norbert Raygrotzki (1922). However, when he managed to develop his pieces on the queenside by giving up the two bishops, the air cleared, both players being content with a draw: 1.5-0.5.

At the neighbouring board 7, Jozsef Molnar showed his usual attacking play against Yannick Dorr (1933). Already after seven moves, the board was in flames with pins and counter-pins. As Black’s king was, however, much more vulnerable than White’s, Jozsef pocketed an important full point: 2.5-0.5.

This allowed Matija Suskovic on board 5 to draw with White against Luc Vanstreels (2107). In a highly theoretical line, Black had equalised by eliminating pressure on the long diagonal and freeing himself on the queenside, leading to a drawish position: 3-1.

Also on board 3, nothing very exciting happened between Tom Wiley and Holger Heimsoth (2162). The players exchanged queens very early, and White’s attempts to put some pressure on Black’s centre were safely parried. Another draw added thus added to our lead with 3.5-1.5.

On board 2, Georgi Tomov fought with Black for the advantage against Ulf Gohla (2170). In a complex middle-game he may have had chances, but White simplified the position. The players then went for a rook ending where White was a pawn up, but Georgi’s rook on the 2nd rank cut off White’s king. With this draw and the extra point from the forfeit, the team win was secured: 4-2 before the time control.

Frank Hoffmeister with Black tried to play for a win with Black against Valeer Maes (2161). He had some advantage on the queenside after 25 moves, where he prepared a minority attack and the better bishop. However, Black organised some counter-pressure on the e-file keeping the position in balance. When White then managed to advance his backward c-pawn the position got completely equal and a draw was agreed: 4.5-2.5.

This left Carl Buhr on the top board playing with White against FM Markus Balduan (2282). Carl won a pawn in the middle-game and went for a bishop ending with 4 vs. 3 pawns. After some manoeuvring, he found the winning plan diverting Black’s king. This cleared the way for an unstoppable passed pawn and a deserved full point. With a safe 5.5-2.5 Europchess 1 thus keeps the lead in Division 2 A.

Europchess 2 scores a clear win over Humbeek 1

Facing trail ender Humbeek 1, Europchess 2 was set for a win, but had to prove it on the board. On board 4, Kristian Frederiksen had gotten a promising position with Black. However, he overlooked a tactical trick which allowed Tim Dubin (1831) with White to invade Kristian’s kingside with the Queen and knights, forcing an early resignation: 0-1.

Fortunately, Edit Köllö on board 6 equalised the score quickly thereafter. Also playing Black against William Portier (1544), Edit lost a pawn in the early middle-game but was able to invade with the heavy pieces over the d-file. This earned her some material and the full point.

Pere Moles Palleja on board 1 outplayed Humbeek’s top board Arno Sterck (2000). In hyper-modern style, Pere combined pressure over the c-file and the long diagonal against Black’s position. With fine play he thus first earned two pieces for a rook and later on the full point: 2-1.

Also Luis Parreira on board 3 imposed himself over Thomas Schurins (1951) with White. After an uneventful opening the players kept on exchanging pieces, with Luis inflicting a double pawn on the opponent’s king side while keeping his 3-2 pawn majority on the queenside. With a nice combination Luis then forced a pawn ending which was clearly winning: 3-1.

John Riksten on the second board played a very solid game with Black against Bert van Ael (1974). Though being a bit passive, he was never in danger, keeping a closed pawn set-up. After a couple of exchanges, the players reached a balanced ending. The agreed draw also secured the match points, irrespective of the outcome on board 5. Here, Jose Maria Ramos Florido showed entertaining attacking chess with White against Geert Debelie (1729). With kings having castled on opposite wings, Jose Maria organised a pawn storm on the kingside, supported by a dominating knight on d5 and the heavy pieces behind. Black was unable to hold José Maria’s combined forces. The final 4.5-1.5 brings Europchess 2 in a good middle position in Division 3 C on rank 6.

Europchess 3 draws with Woluwé 1

Playing against our old ally Woluwé, which had helped Europchess in its early interclubs-days with a joint player’s pool, Europchess 3 showed a solid performance. On board 2, Paolo Garzotti held a draw with Black against Bernhard Geerinckx (1679). Paolo always kept a regular pawn structure and active piece play, not allowing White to create any serious threats, so a just draw was agreed. Vladymyr Dedobbeleer on board 3 got the advantage with White against Wilfried Rampelbergh (1678), dominating the centre. However, it was not enough to win the full point: 1-1. On board 4, Ventsislav Petrov played with Black against Yvetta Willems (1356). In an unusual opening set-up he won a piece at the cost of a destroyed kings-wing pawn structure. However, as Ventsi’s king was safe this did not matter much and the material advantage decided the game: 2-1. Unfortunately, Luis Carlos Busquets on the top board had to give in the final game against Julien Verbist (2028). In a complicated middle-game Black’s pieces were a bit more dangerous than Luis’, yielding a pawn. In the ending, Verbist duly converted his advantage. Nevertheless, also the one match point is an important contribution to keep Europchess with rank 8 in a safe place in the second half of Division 4 F.

Europchess 4 narrowly wins against Anderlues 1

The fourth team met Anderlues 1. On the first board, Jesper Abrahamsen with White faced a strong Christian Henrotte (1673), who managed to get two bishops for a rook. While this allowed Jesper to play on in the middlegame, the material advantage was too strong to hold the ending: 0-1. On the second board, Ludovic Vanhooric (1326) and Alex Amelotti engaged in an intensive fight. White was constantly attacking Alex’ king, who was somehow stranded in the open. At some point, he gave a check, though, with pinned knight. When Alex claimed a win because of an illegal move, both players shook hand. However, the subsequent intervention of the arbiter upon request of Anderlues revealed that both players were unaware that this blitz rule does not apply to regular games, where taking back of the move with a time penalty would be required. However, instead of quarrelling whether the shaking of hands was an implicit resignation or not the players then settled for a draw in a spirit of sportsmanship. On boards 3 and 4, Europchess, though won the games and the match. Playing with White against Antoine Franz (1184) Bruno Gatta had a somewhat shaky position in the opening, but managed to improve his position later on to take the full point. Nikolaj Abrahamsen won with Black against Agnes Abrassart (1150) in a seemingly positional way, putting pressure on her weakened pawn centre. This 2.5-1.5 win puts Europchess 4 back on track with rank 6 in Division 5 D for higher places.

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