Europchess supports exhibition about Marcel Duchamp in China

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In October and November 2014, the Free University of Brussels organised a great exhibition about the French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) in Beijing (China). With his idea that any object, slightly modified or not, could be considered a work of art by the pure fact that the artist has chosen it – the so-called ‘ready-mades’, Duchamp had a profound influence on art in the 20th century and afterwards. A lesser known trait of this great artist was his attachment to chess. In fact, after becoming famous as an artist, he focused much more on this passion and participated three times in the national French championship and represented the Tricolore internationally. In particular, he played for France at the Olympiads in The Hague (1928), Hamburg (1930) and even played in the same team with Alekhine in Prague 1931! His last international performance was in Folkestone (1933). He also published a book on endgames.

Upon request of the director Prof. Dr. Hans De Wolf, Europchess delivered two beautiful chessboards to support the exhibition ‘Master Mould and Copy Room’.  As witnessed by the attached photos, they were nicely integrated into the exhibition. Hopefully, when they come back from their long travel, any club member who will play with them will recall Duchamp and receive some good inspiration for an artistic combination!

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