Europchess blitzes goodbye to Ronny Bonne

In the end of September 2014, our longest serving active member, Ronny Bonne took his retirement. That may, in itself, not be a bad thing, as it frees more time for chess. However, in Ronny’s case this is clearly sad as he will also leave the chess club as a regular player and organiser. Ronny became a member some 33 (!) years ago and served as the longest-standing board member in our history. As long as most can think of the club, he was the treasurer which meant that finances were in order and contributions paid on time. Ronny also embodied a kind of affection, loyalty and experience to the club that nobody else could offer.

And of course, he would not say goodbye just like that: Ronny organised a special good-bye blitz with a nice drink and prizes. In this event, Martin Müller took the special good-bye cup with 4.5/5 followed by Frank Hoffmeister and Mattias Johansson.

Ronny Bonne, Martin Müller

On behalf of the club, the President warmly thanked Ronny for his outstanding commitment for the club, recalling the respective appreciation expressed by the Board at the General Assembly meeting in spring this year. All the players in the room also decided spontaneously to call the yearly blitz tournament of the club as of 2015 the Ronny-Bonne-Blitz (RBB)!

Thank you for everything, and Ad Multos Blitzos, Ronny!

End result of the Farwell Blitz:

1 Martin Müller 4.5
2 Frank Hoffmeister 4.5
3 Mattias Johansson 4.0
4 Ismo Ulvila 4.0
5 Georgi Tomov 3.5
6 Christophe Keller 3.0
7 Oleg Ventskovsky 3.0
8 Vladymyr Dedobbeleer 3.0
9 Georges Vassilakis 2.5
10 Luis Parreira 2.0
11 Ronny Bonne 2.0
12 Kristian Frederiksen 2.0
13 Timothy Binham 2.0
14 Dario Maiorani 2.0
15 Lorant Dankahazi 2.0
16 Bruno Gatta 2.0
17 Alex Amelotti 1.0
18 Jesper Abrahamsen 1.0
19 Nora Bednarski 1.0
20 Salahuddin Matin 0.0

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