Interclubs 2013-2014 – Round 9

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Europchess 1 – CREB 1: 5-3 +++ Europchess 2 – Midden-Limburg 1: 3.5-2.5 +++ Europchess 3 – CREB 2: 1-3 +++ Europchess 4 – 2 Fous Diogène 4: 3-1.

In round 9, only the third team lost against a strong CREB 2. In return, all other three teams took the deserved match points.

Europchess 1 beats strong CREB 1

In Division 2 B, the leader CREB 1 came to us with their strongest line-up of the season. Hélas, it did not help! Europchess 1 proved to be stronger on this Sunday. On board 5, Frank Hoffmeister played White against Ivan Spanoghe (2188). He got a slight advantage after the opening and his opponent took a lot of time to find an accurate continuation. However, Frank could not capitalise on it, and in order to prevent counter-play on the kingside, Frank forced a repetition of moves on move 24.

This early draw was well-timed as on the neighbouring sixth board, Jozsef Barta was about to win playing with Black against Benjamin Colette (2166). Jozsef had been out of book after White’s highly unusual second move. In a complicated middlegame, White then overlooked a strong bishop move which would cost either the exchange or the important d4-pawn. White went for the first option, but could not help getting mated anyhow roughly ten moves later. 1,5-0,5 for us.

On board 7, Eduardo Semanat Planas played a nice attacking game with White against Beksoltan Masgutov (2061). Eduardo’s pieces always pressured against Black’s king position and with a nice rook lift a catastrophe on f7 could only be prevented by sacrificing the Queen against two pieces. This was not enough, and Eduardo duly converted the point: 2,5-0,5.

Shortly after, Martin Müller added another point against Mohand Brouri (2050). Martin got the worse of it after the opening with Black but somehow recovered through imaginative play in the middlegame. In a highly complicated position, Martin then gave a bishop for the h3-pawn for attacking chances with queen, rook and knight. His opponent lost his head and Martin gave mate on h2: 3,5-0,5.

Well, with this comfortable lead, it was less troublesome that we had to concede the points on the two boards against both of CREB’s Ukrainians. Georgi Tomov with White gave a pawn for positional compensation in a queenless middlegame against IM Stanislav Korotkievich (2389). However, Black’s dynamic play yielded a second pawn and later on the full point. Similarly, Tom Wiley got into trouble with Black on the second board against Vitaly Malykin (2368). Tom controlled the open a-file, but White struck back on the e-file. In order to resist the pressure Tom had to give the exchange, but when White took then advantage of the a-file himself with both his rooks it was impossible to hold the position: 3,5-2,5.

Fortunately, Tim Binham and Carl Buhr had very good positions at this time. Tim’s middlegame initiative resulted into a favourable double-rook ending where a mobile pawn chain in the centre looked impressive. However, the experienced Yves Duhayon (2209) found a good way to annoy White’s king, leading to a draw.

This left the match result in the hands of Carl Buhr. He had played a very original middlegame and his attack against Denis Luminet’s (2191) king seemed decisive. White defended cleverly and survived the zeitnot with just one second. The ensuing ending was again difficult and Carl transposed to a rook ending where his central pawns were more dangerous. In the 2nd zeitnot, White crumbled and Carl took the deserved point. This 5-3 puts us back into business on rank 5 as the competitors Namur and Eisden also lost.

Europchess 2 outplays Midden-Limburg 1

The second team landed a surprise win against Midden-Limburg 1. The first result was a draw on board 2 from John Riksten with Black against Kris Theunissen (2169). White had not gained anything from the opening, and John’s position looked even more promising. However, having played a tough tournament game already on the day before, he accepted the draw offer from his opponent in the early middlegame.

In a very tight fight, Pere Moles Palleja then beat Nicola Grecuccio (2185) on the first board with White. Positionally, White was clearly better after the opening with pressure on the half-open c-file, but for material gains he had to give his fianchettoed light-squared bishop. Black replied by opening the position and tried to counter-attack against the king. In the tactical skirmish, Pere prevailed and spurred the road for the team win.

On board 4, Luis Parreira could not equalise in the opening with Black against Frank Lehaen (1966) as the development of his queenside bishop became a problem. White increased the pressure on Luis’ king, won an exchange and later on the entire game: 1,5-1,5.

On the 6th board, José Maria Ramos Florido outplayed Geert Verbeek (1868) with Black. When White advanced his kingside pawns for an attack, José Maria invaded his opponent’s position with his queen. Later on, he also got a strong passed pawn on d4, and when that latter started to march, the game was decided: 2,5-1,5.

Here, Mattias Johansson tried to save a lost rook ending with 2 pawns vs. none against Johan Kocur (2108). The opponent met stubborn resistance, but in the end the g-pawn could not be stopped from promotion: 2,5-1,5.

So the eyes went to Kristian Frederiksen, playing White on board 5 against Lennert Bex (1898). After a long middlegame struggle an unbalanced bishop ending occurred on the board. Kristian had free pawns on d7 and h6, whereas Black commanded a powerful f4-e3 chain, both operating still a white-squared bishop. In a probably drawn position, Black suddenly gave his two pawns away to get the d7-pawn instead. This was, however, not enough, as White still retained the h6-pawn and could intersect the b1-h7 diagonal. Despite being down to less than 10 minutes before the 2nd time control, Kristian kept nerves and brought home this important board and match point: with this fine 3,5-2,5 Europchess has moved up to 6th rank in Division 3 C.

Europchess 3 sinks against a strong CREB 2

The third team was less lucky against a CREB 2 which equally came with a strongly composed team. On the 1st board, Ventsislav Petrov found a master in Etienne Cornil (1993). In a complicated middlegame, Black opened the lines favourably, using several pins. White thus lost material from which he could not recover: 0-1.

Similarly, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer did not get far with White on board 3 this Sunday. Senior Paul Demoulin (1790) made use of several holes in White’s position, snatching decisive material already in the early middlegame: 0-2.

In return, Luis Busquets played an interesting game with Black on board 2 against François Fontigny (1883) and won.

In this situation, Piotr Rapacz declined several draw offers from his opponent Laurent Huynh (1674). He exercised some pressure with Black on White’s position, but then blundered a rook against two pieces and a pawn. The young CREB player converted this advantage effortlessly, sealing a 3-1 win for his team. Despite this loss, Europchess 3 is still on a safe 6th rank in Division 4 D.

Europchess 4 sends 2 Fous Diogène 4 home empty-handed

The fourth team had the upper hand against their peers from Les 2 Fous du Diogène. On board 3, Bruno Gatta disposed of the young Louis Forestier (1140) fairly easily, whereas the 2nd board saw a long fight between Alexandre Glaser (1152)and Sergio Serrano Semper with Black. In the end White blundered in one move and Sergio gladly pocketed the win. Also on the 1st board, Jesper Abrahamsen won against Stéphane Jacques (1285) after a long middlegame. Only on board 4, Benjamin Musall got into a passive position which Quentin Geubel (1000) duly exploited for the full point. With this 3-1 win, Europchess 4 further advanced to 2nd rank in Division 5 K.

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