Interclubs 2013-2014 – Round 7

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Reasonable start into 2014

The start into 2014 was successful for Europchess 1 and 3 with clear wins over NLS 1 and  2 Fous Diogène 1. The second and fourth team had to give in against stronger opponents, though.

Europchess 1 defeats a weakened NLS 1

E1 & E2 in action

The Noordlimburgse chess club (NLS) came to Brussels with a weakened line-up as both their first boards were missing. This gave an early advance to us, turning Georgi Tomov and Tom Wiley into interested spectators. However, also the remaining match between six players went clearly into our favour.

On board 7, Eduardo Semanat Planas set up a dangerous attacking line with White against the king of Jimmy Debours (1894). Black replied on the queenside, but overlooked a tactical strike. This first cost him a piece for two pawns and after a few accurate moves from Eduardo the entire game. Also Matija Suskovic finished rather early against Barry Swefels (1975), cold-bloodedly taking advantage of a tactical oversight of his opponent. Being 4-0 up, Frank Hoffmeister on board 4 then accepted with Black a draw offer from Roy Schoemans (2241). Frank had equalised easily and the early middlegame position was still balanced. Accepting the draw thus meant cashing in the full team points. Carl Buhr on board 3 with White followed with another draw from Alain van der Heijden (2277). The players had gone for a blocked position in the middlegame with limited play for either side, so sharing the points was the natural outcome. In return, Jozsef Barta had taken some risks with Black on board 6 against Albert Schenning (1974). He opened up the g-file against White’s castled king and started a successful attack with his bishop pair which paid off with another full point! This left Martin Müller on board 8 with Black against Dries Cuypers (1840). The players arrived after a calm opening to a balanced symmetrical position without queens. In the ending, Martin somehow overstretched the position and had to concede the only board point on that day. Overall, NLS was though clearly defeated with 6-2, bringing us further up to fourth rank in Division 2 B.

Europchess 2 loses to strong Borgerhout 2

After four wins in a row, Europchess 2 had to replace two regular players, and was clearly not favourite against Borgerhout 2 that regularly lines up players above 2000 Elo on all boards. Nonetheless the match turned out to be closer than one would have imagined.

José María Ramos Florido, who came in as a reserve player on Board 5, faced with White Jitte Van Tilburgh (2029). José María decided to play in a more conservative way than usual. This got him throughout all the game a small advantage. However, considering that it was not enough to win the full point and in order to ensure some score, José María offered a draw on move 33 which was immediately accepted by his opponent.

Also Ventsislav Petrov, the second reserve player, had a good advantage from the very start – but only on the clock, as his opponent, Tony Peleman (1995) arrived more than 30 minutes late. The difference in strength proved more decisive though and Ventsislav had to resign still before the time control.

Luis Parreira, on Board 3, had the rare occasion of playing an opponent of the same nationality, fellow Portuguese Jorge Segarra Gonçalves (2077). Playing with White, Luis achieved a comfortable position out of the opening enjoying some space advantage. The game came to a sudden end though when, in a series of exchanges of material, he overlooked a pin motive that cost him a piece. This brought the score to 0.5-2.5.

Johannes Bertram, playing with Black on Board 2, gave back some hope with his win against Eric Aerts (2009). Confronted with an opening which he usually plays with White himself, he showed better theory knowledge than his opponent and arrived at a pleasant position, in which a knight on e3 prevented the White king from castling. With the pressure of both position and clock increasing, White lost a piece and immediately resigned.

Kristian Frederiksen (4) with the black pieces against Koen Stynen (2038) got a good version of the opening played, but became ambitious instead of swapping off White’s strong light squared bishop with equality. He went for a closed position with mutual wing attacks and could probably still have gotten a promising game, had he not misplaced his king by castling long prematurely. Unfortunately, on this wing the position was opened. Some tactical fireworks, involving a temporary queen sacrifice, ensued in the mutual time trouble phase, but to no avail, as Black could not avoid mate.

The match was thus decided, which left once again Pere Moles Palleja fighting against a higher-rated opponent on Board 1. Playing with White against FM Werner Van den Brande (2229), he chose a strategically complex and double-edged variation giving up the king fianchetto’s bishop to destroy the queenside pawn structure. Black in turn sacrificed two pawns to open the position and take advantage of the pair of bishops against a pair of knights. Pere exchanged queens but Black kept pressure on the white pawns. Under time pressure, Pere did not play the most aggressive continuation that offered winning chances and after the time control, in an equal position, a draw was agreed. With the final score of 2-4 Europchess 2 fell back to Rank 5 in Division 3C, but still a reassuring 6 points ahead of the relegation zone.

Outsider Europchess 3 crushes “Les 2 Fous de Diogène” 1

Europchess 3 was also the clear outsider against “Les 2 Fous de Diogène”, a team with an average of 200 ELO points higher. Against all odds though, the team surprised its opponent with a fantastic score of 3-1.

The first to show the good example was Paolo Garzotti with White on 3rd board against Cristian Vasile-Bonciog (1899). Paolo pressed in the middle-game through the open c-file under his control. With a nice combination, he than gained a pawn and came to a final position of two passed-connected pawns. Paolo unfortunately missed an opportunity to simplify the position and gain decisive material and settled for a draw in a roughly equal rook ending. In the meanwhile, Piotr Rapacz on fourth board, got momentum with Black against John Bachir (1633). After losing a pawn in the early middlegame, he got the initiative with his two powerful bishops supported by the remaining pawns. Piotr progressively put pressure on his opponent and managed to pin down white’s queen and rook by the black bishop. As White couldn’t avoid losing the exchange, he resigned on move 30. Amazingly, events repeated themselves on the second board. Playing Black, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer forced Steve Yody (1935) to give up a rook for a bishop in compensation of some counterattack intentions. But Vladymyr avoided the traps and his opponent went into a very hard zeitnot with still 14 moves to play in three minutes. This cost him another bishop and the game. At that time, Europchess already got its victory with 2,5 points. This took the pressure off Luis Busquets against Valeriu Nedelcu (1993). In a very difficult opening, he had lost an exchange and the right to castle. But Luis played aggressively and managed to rebalance the game thanks to a majority of pawns which gave him a good compensation. The game ended with a deserved draw. This victory puts Europchess 3 out of all relegation fear in Division 4 D.

Europchess 4 gives in to division leader DK Leuven 2

On Board 1, Jesper Abrahamsen played with White against Jonathan Eben (1740). Jesper took the initiative on the queenside, and got some space advantage. However, black managed to block the position effectively, so a draw was agreed.

Bruno Gatta (2) faced Johannes Devos (1657) with the Black pieces. Bruno lost a pawn in the opening. So he fought looking for tactical resources by creating some tricky complications which his opponent wisely defended though, converting his material advantage into a win.

Paris Sansoglou (3) played with White against Shaun De Meirsman (1489). Paris’ game was balanced until the moment he nearly tipped off the game to his advantage (threatening mate or loss of an exchange around move 20). However, he lost a crucial pawn in this attempt allowing his opponent to queen his pawn. Still the game nearly ended in a draw but Black sacrificed his queen for last two White pawns, and having one pawn left, Black pocketed the full point.

Benjamin Musall (4) played against Bart Wilms (1180). Benjamin was able to keep his game open until the endgame. Despite being two pawns down, Benjamin had some promising attacking chances but then overlooked a counterattack of his opponent which led to a significant and decisive loss of an exchange. Final score 0.5-3.5.

With 9 points, Europchess 4 is on Rank 4 in Division 5K.

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