Carl Buhr is the Blitz Champion 2013 !

With another shared victory in the 24th and last blitz tournament of last year, Carl Buhr won the 2013 Europchess Blitz Championship, ahead of Frank Hoffmeister and Ismo Ulvila.

In the last tournament, Carl, Frank and Ismo were still in the race for the title. Carl and Frank, who who had the best chances before this last tournament, showed great determination, beating all their opponents and drawing against each other. As only the best 15 results count for the final ranking, Carl’s total thereby came to 62 points, whereas Frank finished with 60.5. Ismo’s overall total was even higher, as he scored 73 points in his 20 tournament participations. His best 15 results accounted for 59 points and earned him the 3rd rank.
Not only for these three, but for all Europchess members, the Wednesday blitz tournaments proved again a nice break from work and a good exercise. In total, 42 members participated in at least one blitz tournament. The 2014 edition will follow the same format – the best 15 tournament results over the year count. The time control will be 5 minutes per player, per game, without increment.

Carl Buhr, winner of the 2013 Blitz Championship

Top Ten:
Name Tournaments Score of
best 15
1 Carl Buhr 15 62
2 Frank Hoffmeister 16 60.5
3 Ismo Ulvila 20 59
4 Christophe Keller 21 49.5
5 Ronny Bonne 14 45
6 George Vassilakis 19 38.5
7 Luis Busquets Pérez 18 38.5
8 Pere Moles 13 36
9 Johannes Bertram 12 33.5
10 Luis Parreira 12 32
Jesper Abrahamsen 19 32
TOTAL: 42 players

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