FEFB Intercercles – Round 4

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Both Europchess teams classified at 3rd rank in the Francophone Intercercles 2013.

Europchess 1st team, in a less successful day with a result of 2 points out of 4 which revealed insufficient, missed the lead of the division.

Though Pere Moles made the whole travel of 100 km for nothing as his opponent did not show up and the club of Soignies did not warn us, this unfair attitude brought the 1st point to Europchess 1.

Eduardo Semanat at 3rd board played black against Laurent Charlier (1835) from Caïssa Europe, one of our closest challenger. In a bad day, Eduardo lost a pawn and quickly fell in a weaker position with a bad pawn-structure and his king unprotected. He was the first to finish, unfortunately with a loss.

Georgi Tomov sacrificed a pawn in the opening with White against Daniel De Noose (1882), also Caïssa Europe, and should have won a piece immediately after Black’s inaccurate response. However, he missed this and also some other good chances and struggled to prove compensation for the pawn deficit against Black’s natural play. Things went even worse when White overextended in severe time trouble and had to ditch another pawn, but luckily his opponent blundered back and allowed counterplay against his King that led ultimately to a draw.

Tim Binham got a comfortable opening with Black against Jean-Marie Ooghe (1862 from Soignies), but robbed a poisoned pawn and promptly found that his queen was trapped. He had to give up an exchange for a pawn to get it out. His opponent squandered away his advantage by the time control and even got into some trouble again, but White managed to force perpetual check after Tim grabbed a second poisoned pawn.

In 3rd division, Europchess 2 was classified 4th before last round at 1 point from the leader. Actually 6 clubs could still pretend to the title as three had 8,5 points and three 7,5 points. Four teams are promoted to the 2nd division.

At the end, with 3,5 points out of 4, our club did not win the division but assured its promotion by finishing third.

Luis Busquets playing with white had no mercy of Jean Claude (1150, Fleurus 3). Starting a usual opening for white, his opponent deviated from theory already in move 3 allowing a strong attack for Europchess. In fact, it resulted even better than expected as he gave a knight to Luis on move 5. The game continued after this, but presents did not stop and Luis got the Queen for free on move 10. His opponent did not resign at that moment. He continued playing with Luis in blitz mode and lost further material and resigned only on move 31 because of inevitable checkmate on the next move.

José María Florido played with Black against Alain Rorive (FIDE Elo 1299), also from Fleurus 3. José María emerged from the opening with a better position that became soon a material advantage of one piece for one pawn.  White managed to create a passed pawn which arrived to d7, and then desperately sacrificed the quality trying to achieve its promotion.  However, José María played quiet and accurate moves to refute his opponent’s intentions, and everything was under control.  José María imposed his advantage and, after 3 hours of game, his opponent had to resign on the 30th move.

Vladymyr Dedobbeleer on 4th board played white against Fabien Politi (1302) from Fleurus 2. At the 12th move, Black was inaccurate and it cost them a knight. The rest was question of technique and parrying some threats so the win secured.

After failing to get initiative for the sacrificed pawn in a Budapest Gambit, Luis Parreira, facing Antonio Iacona (1722, Fleurus 2) sacrificed the exchange to get some attacking chances. White defended accurately and was able to reach a safe position with an exchange and a pawn up. Luis tried to create pressure on the week pawns c3, c4 which led to a complicated position where white could not find better than returning the exchange followed by one pawn. The resulting pawn ending was completely drawn and after both players promoted a pawn it was difficult to find a losing move for any of the players.

Next year, there will be two Europchess teams playing in second division, and this will provide a good opportunity to bring one of them to 1st division.

All results and standings available at the following link http://www.frbe-kbsb.be/fefb/InterCercles/13/index.php

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